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Protect or Boost your Horse & Ponies Immune System with the No1 vet approved 100% natural stimulator for equine health & vitality.


Guaranteed Results or your money Back !


For the performance horse whose system is stressed. Also great for mares in foal, foals and older horses whose immune systems lack vigour. Use today to protect, regenerate and perform tomorrow.

Nothing compares with VetroimmuneTM Works like VetroimmuneTM Delivers results like VetroimmuneTM


VetroimmuneTM is a highly bioavailable proprietary polysaccharide called BAP-8TM with added Vitamin C, which helps the synthetic processes involved in the mediation of the immune response by BAP-8TM, that is specifically formulated using SOBF(R) (Specially Optimised Bioavailable Formula) technology.


Upon ingestion VetroimmuneTM travels to the small intestine where it interacts with immune cells (in particular macrophages, neutrophil granulocytes and natural killer cells), located in Peyer’s patches in the small intestine. Here VetroimmuneTM mediates the release of signals to other immunocompetent cells and this results in a systemic immune response to invade and kill foreign bodies and regulate the body’s recovery response. VetroimmuneTM also optimises wound healing and allergy reactions.




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