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  • NAF Hoof & Sole - 1ltr

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    A topical application for cracked hooves and soft soles. Helps to harden, strengthen and disinfect the hoof Wash and dry h...

  • TopSpec Healthy Hoof (3kg, 9kg, 20kg)

    From £22.45
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    TopSpec Healthy Hoof   TopSpec Healthy Hoof is designed to greatly improve hoof quality over a period of 9-12 mont...

  • Red Horse - Stronghorn

    From £20.00
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    Hoof hardener Stronghorn spray nourishes and toughens horn tissue and is a powerful hoof disinfectant. Its spray-on f...

  • Red Horse - Sole Paint - 500ml

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    Hoof sole conditioner Sole Paint suppresses microbial invasion on the underside of a horse’s foot. The powerful active...

  • Red Horse - Sole Cleanse

    From £12.00
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    Hoof disinfectant spray Sole Cleanse spray disinfects the frog and sole to reduce and prevent foul odour and blackening....

  • Red Horse - HydroHoof

    From £12.00
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    Hoof moisturiser HydroHoof is a honey-based hoof moisturiser that soothes dry, cracked or inelastic hooves and rejuvenat...

  • Red Horse - Hoof Stuff - 290g

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    Antibacterial hoof packing Hoof-Stuff plugs deep holes and cracks that leave hooves susceptible to microbial invasion. Act...

  • Red Horse - Field Paste

    From £19.00
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    Cleansing clay hoof dressing Field Paste cleanses and conditions the underside of the horse’s foot, helping frogs and ...

Displaying 1 - 8 of 431234

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