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Supplement Solutions RespirAid - 2kg


RespirAid Supports a healthy equine respiratory system.



RespirAid supports the management of respiratory problems such as cough, nasal discharge and breathing problems.



RespirAid has been shown to achieve results in as little as 7 days.



RespirAid is great value for money - 2kg tub gives approximately 1 month supply


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Science Supplements RespirAid 2kg



What is RespirAid?



RespirAid is a unique formulation of antioxidants that has been shown to help manage airway inflammation and signs associated with respiratory ailments and disorders and contains key elements that are essential for maintaining cell membrane integrity and help reduce inflammation.




Why use RespirAid



Respiratory disease and allergies are common in horses and can contribute to impaired pulmonary function and poor performance if not treated or managed.



Horses are susceptible to a wide variety of respiratory conditions, often caused by environmental factors such as stabling conditions, bedding, quality of ventilation, stress, travelling, mixing with other horses and many other contributing elements.



Respiratory disease and allergies develop when certain particles (dust, mould, pollens, virus, bacteria, fungi) are inhaled and trigger an exaggerated immune response.



Allergens can cause irritation to cells lining the airways leading to inflammation, resulting in mucous secretion and constriction of the airways. Inflamed airways and mucous restrict airflow and reduce a horse’s pulmonary function leading to impaired health and performance.



When Should I Use RespirAid



RespirAid should be fed on a daily basis to help support a healthy respiratory system and help reduce the risk of RAO and other respiratory conditions.



It is also ideal for horses and ponies that are stabled for long periods of time with restricted turnout, or exposed to stressful situations i.e travelling, competition, change of yard or a change in hay and feed.



RespirAid can also be fed to horses with signs of respiratory disease.





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