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Science Supplements - FlexAbility


FlexAbility is the only joint supplement on the market with two clinical and scientific studies demonstrating the positive effects and results.


The findings of the latest study were accepted and presented at the British Equine Veterinary Association Congress in 2013 by Dr Rachel Murray, an internationally recognised equine orthopaedic clinician and researcher.


Our clinical trials suggest for stiff horses, 6-7 out of 10 fed FlexAbility will show a positive response within 14 days. Formulated for maximum effect with superior levels of active ingredients and scientifically evaluated.

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Science Supplements - FlexAbility



A high specification supplement that provides declared levels of key nutrients involved in cartilage synthesis and protection using a unique combination and optimal levels of scientifically proven ingredients, including glucosamine, low molecular weight chondroitin, MSM, omega 3 fatty acids DHA & EPA and vitamin C. Low dust, highly palatable and tested to be free from the prohibited substances caffeine, theobromine, hyoscine, hordenine, morphine and atropine



Wear and tear on the skeletal system particularly the joints occurs both as the result of exercise training and simply as part of the ageing process. A key factor in maintaining joint health and function is an adequate supply of the nutritional building blocks needed to support cartilage turnover and joint lubrication. FlexAbility helps to promote and maintain normal mobility and joint function, is suitable for all horses and ponies and provides nutrient support for joints against the rigours of training and competition. It can also help to maintain normal mobility and joint function in older animals



Suitable for all horses and ponies to provide nutrient support for joints against the rigours of training and competition, can help to maintain normal mobility and joint function in older animals and for use in young animals to support joint protection. FlexAbility is also suitable for use in animals with existing joint injury or disease



Simply add to feed, ideally split between meals. Feed at loading rate for 14 days then reduce to the maintenance rate. Effects can be seen in as little as 7 days, but normally by 10-14 days. What to expect: freer movement, longer stride, less stiffness, increased rolling, more athleticism



Science Supplements - FlexAbility


Active Ingredient Levels 100g of FlexAbility delivers:


MSM 13.5g Glucosamine 10g Chondroitin Sulphate 8.5g Vitamin C 4.2g DHA 3.5g EPA 1.8g



Available Sizes   1.4kg 8kg


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It Works!


Science Supplements - FlexAbility


I use FlexAbility as both maintenance support, prevention and also a bit of an extra boost to the joints of all my dressage horses.

I have seen incredible results,including literally saving the life of a 30 year old pony - the pony was living on pain - killers,hobbling around and could hardly pick up her feet for the farrier. Since she has been on FlexAbility, she has been happily trotting around and even back giving kids rides around the farm.

Hannah Biggs - International Dressage Rider


I have seen a huge difference in my horses performance since switching to this product. My boy is a sensitive 18 year old thoroughbred with the start of arthritis in his hocks and has been on a another joint supplement for years. A few years of intermittent lameness led me to seek an alternative supplement. We haven't looked back since switching to Flexibility and have seen an increase in his dressage marks and our confidence sore. So much so my even older 21 year old mare has come out of retirement and is enjoying a second wind with her dressage career too since putting her on this supplement as well.

Love this product. (Review by EmmaW)  


I am just writing to let you know you have done it again ...! A while ago, FlexAbility got my horse T-Jay sounder than he was on bute. For a number of reasons, I had to stop FlexAbiliy partly due to cost and partly as T-Jay entered semi retirement. Although, I'm pleased to say the level of soundness achieve with FlexAbility was maintained with a lower spec supplement until recently. T-Jay has recently been diagnosed with spavins as welll as his existing arthritis in his forelegs and whilst his hinds have responded well to increased work (sorry T-Jay, semi retirement over) his forelegs have started to struggle and he has once again gone lame in front. T-Jay started FlexAbility 7 days ago and last night was the first night we have trotted since starting it. Whilst stil not 100%, the difference in him is HUGE. I'm looking forward to seeing if there is any further improvement. I suspect there will be as he isn't on the loading dose (9 scoops is just too much for me to disguise as he doesn't get a great deal of bucket food). So thank you once again and T-Jay is definitely now back on FlexAbility full time.

Emmie Foxhall


A number of people on the yard have also been impressed with the improvement in him and are going away to consider buying it. Thanks again, Emmie I've been using this supplement for just over a year now and have seen a brilliant improvement in the stiffness of my horses hock joints. A lot of friends swear by this as well for their horses, so we can't all be wrong!! I've even been told that humans use it, although I personally haven't and not sure that I would, but it's still a great endorsement!

Debbie Carrol-Beer  

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