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Red Cell



Red cell is one of the most widely used and professionally respected Iron, Vitamin, and Mineral
feed supplements in the world.



This is a trusted formula for horses to provide supplemental vitamins and
minerals which may be lacking or are in insufficient quantities in a horses
regular feed.



Often given to horses that are lacking energy and maybe low in iron.



This is an "industry standard" vitamin-mineral supplement for
fuelling champion horses. Contains 300 mg. of chelated iron per 1 fluid ounce
or 30ml.



Potent, reliable and homogenized for maximum consistency.



Yucca flavouring for added palatability.




Red Cell



Feeding Guidelines



Feed by mixing in to the daily feed ration or orally with a syringe.



Horses in training 60ml per day / 2 fluid ounces



Horses not in training 30ml per day / 1 fluid ounce






Intake of Supplemental Selenium should not exceed 0.3ppm on a complete ration basis.
The addition of feed of higher levels of this premix containing selenium is not recommended. Excessive amounts of selenium may be toxic.



Available Size :






Also Available in pellets (click here) for details.



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