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Protexin Gut Balancer

Gut Balancer is an everyday palatable probiotic and prebiotic powder, specifically designed for horses and ponies.


Use daily for general wellbeing, to normalise digestive function and efficiency, and for equines prone to digestive upsets.


Further Info


Why Feed Protexin  Gut Balancer?


  From the day we brought horses into work and stabled them we have subjected them to stresses that they associate with a threat and we have triggered their natural response to threat - that is to empty themselves and run away!... The flight response.



When this occurs, the delicate balance of gut microflora is disrupted and depleted. This deficiency will affect the performance and condition of any equine, from foal to competition horse and older horses too.  Protexin Gut Balancer features a high quality probiotic to help restore the balance of the microflora and therefore  promote effective health, recovery and performance. 




What is Protexin Gut Balancer?



Protexin Gut Balancer is a daily probiotic supplement to help bolster natural immunity. It is ideal for horses that don't 'do' well, as well as stabled horses that compete at any level and senior/veteran horses.



Protexin Gut Balancert helps to ensure that the gut microflora is optimised for immune system support and that nutrients are fully absorbed for maximum energy release.



Containing only Protexin probiotic and Preplex prebiotic on a grass meal-based powder, Protexin Gut Balancer is a regular supplement to help ensure everyday good health.

Product Detail


Directions for Use:


Normal use: 10g (1 level measure) added to the daily food


Stress use: 20g (2 level measures) added to the daily food






Digestibility Enhancers


Protexin probiotic


Saccharomyces cerevisiae (NCYC Sc47) 4b1702 1 x 1012 CFU/kg; 1 x 109 CFU/g


Technological Additives
Preplex® prebiotic - Acacia (Gum arabic)


Alfalfa meal, Preplex® prebiotic (Fructo-oligosaccharide), Brewer's yeast


Analytical Constituents:
Crude protein 21%
Crude fibre 14%
Crude oils and fats 5%
Crude ash 6%
Sodium <0.5%

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