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Pro Feet Hoof Moist

A water based moisturising cream.

Legal Category:
Application for horses.
Package: Cream: Black and Natural 500 g and 2.5 kg tubs.
Instructions: Apply to clean hooves at least once per day. In dry weather or with very brittle feet up to three applications per day would be beneficial.
Storage: Store in a dry place and replace lid after use.
Contents: Each kg contains: Protein 21.0% Ash 23.82% Fibre 1.0% Oil 8.8% Moisture 27.4%.
Ingredients: n/a
Key Ingredients: n/a
Further Information:
Acid and alkaline soils, soiled bedding, sand, mud, do much to degrade the wall and sole of the hoof.
Maintaining hooves in good condition can be very difficult, given that the hooves themselves are subjected daily to all forms of assaults. Acid and alkaline soils, less than optimal nutrition (see N.A.F. Hoof & Hide) soiled bedding, sand, mud, water, dry, dusty weather or snow and ice, do much to degrade the horn and sole of the hoof. When the hoof is too dry, the wall can become too hard and brittle with multiple splitting around the base of the hoof, or the hoof can become 'water-logged', resulting in a hoof that is soft. Soft soles and cracks around the bottom of the hoof may be due to fungal attack. In both cases the frog loses it's ability to pump blood to the rest of the hoof and the wall loses it's tensile strength and elasticity rendering it incapable of holding shoes for any length of time. The desired moisture level of the hoof is between 12-15 per cent. The applying of many proprietary hoof greases, waxes and oils can induce water-logging, leading to soft, weak horn. If alcohol-based products are applied, they will accelerate the drying out process of the wall. N.A.F. Hoof Moist is a water-based cream, has been formulated to help maintain the required moisture level, by allowing the hoof to 'breathe', thus avoiding cracking and splitting.

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Weight: 2.5Kgkg
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