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Life-Guard™ Tonic is a Natural / Organic nutritional formula designed to maintain healthy chickens.

The patented formula is a synergy of prebiotics, antioxidants, vitamins and ingredients believed to have natural ‘antibiotic’ qualities, that has been developed to support the functioning of the digestive and immune system, and...

  • Maintain healthy birds
  • Enrich and optimise the diet
  • Maximise egg production
  • Improve feathering
  • Support the immune system

Life-Guard™ Tonic is:

  • Totally natural with no 'withdrawal period' required
  • Completely organic with no residual deposits
  • Odourless and tasteless when in water

What is Life-Guard™ Tonic?

Life-Guard™ Tonic is a nutritional prebiotic, antioxidant and vitamin supplement formulated as a liquid feed to be added to drinking water for chickens and poultry.

The patented formula of prebiotics, antioxidants and vitamins ensures a healthy gut environment and vital growth of natural micro flora.

Life-Guard™ Tonic is natural supplement that will improve the diet, support the immune system and maintain healthy birds, at all stages of life.

Prebiotics Prebiotics are nutrients that probiotics need to stimulate metabolism, they support the healthy growth of beneficial bacteria already present in the gut.

Antioxidants Antioxidants protect the cells in the body from an unstable form of oxygen called a free radical. The antioxidant combines with the free radical to prevent it from attaching to and damaging the cells in the body, and further inhibits enzymes that cause inflammatory responses.

Vitamins Vitamin E assists in greater storage of vitamin A and has been shown in many studies to increase fertility and reproduction, and may improve stamina. Vitamin E also appears to have a significant effect on the immune system and skin condition.

The B complex vitamins work as a team and are important for healthy skin, nerves, eyes, mouth, feathers, liver, and the functioning of the system.

Why use Life-Guard™ Tonic?

Life-Guard™ Tonic's patented formula boosts the functioning of the immune system, improves gut flora and helps birds deal with the stress of environmental change, which in turn will balance body weight, improve egg laying and egg quality, and enhance feathering and skin condition.

Body Weight The Phospholipids (fat derivatives) helps balance body weight and feed intake ratio.

Egg Laying & Quality Amino acids in the diet is one of the main factors influencing laying performance particularly in relation to egg number and size. Biotin, feed protein quality and vitamins A, D, E and K are essential for egg white (albumen) and yolk quality, and soluble minerals (calcium carbonate) make up 94-97% of the egg shell density.

Feathering & Skin Condition Amino acids again, are important to maintain healthy plumage as they make up the body proteins which are also used to for skin, bone matrix, ligaments and tendons. Vitamin A and E together has always been considered essential for skin health.

Directions For Use

A constant maintenance rate of 25ml (Life-Guard) to 10 litres (10000ml) of drinking water, should be used.

If birds are in poor condition or under stress a rate of 25ml (Life-Guard) to 2 litres (2000ml) of drinking water, should be used for a minimum 3 weeks.

How Long Does It Last?

For average winter and summer drinking water intake:

Life-Guard Tonic 250ml bottle

No of chickens

No of days





Life Guard Tonic 500ml bottle

No of chickens

No of days





Life Guard Tonic 1litre bottle

No of chickens

No of days





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