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Naf Five Star OPTIMUM is an exciting, new generation feed balancer that will restore and maintain five star condition,boost topline and health and maximise the nutritional value of your horse’s feed.



Feeding Naf Five Star OPTIMUM as part of your horse’s daily diet allows you to feed him as naturally as possible while improving his condition and well-being, OPTIMUM is also a natural, sugar – free option making it a healthy choice.



OPTIMUM provides gut support designed to address all aspects of digestive health. It includes prebiotics, herbal support and multi-source antacids to mop up excess acids throughout the digestive tract. This makes it the perfect option for all horses, ponies and donkeys with signs of gut upset or stress, both common causes of poor condition.

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Five Reasons to Feed NAF Five Star OPTIMUM



  • OPTIMUM ‘s unique pelleted formula is designed to optimise your horse’s daily diet.



  • OPTIMUM will restore and maintain five-star condition,topline and health ; it will maximise the nutritional value of the daily feed ration and optimise the health and efficiency of the digestive system.


  • OPTIMUM is formulated to complement either, a high fibre, low concentrate or performance diet. When  a daily feed is not necessary, OPTIMUM can be simply given on its own, directly from your hand if you choose!


  • Concentrated and easy to feed, OPTIMUM comes in a highly palatable pellet form – it is of the highest supplement specification and has a great, sugar-free flavour.


  • OPTIMUM is the product of choice for every horse, from family pony to top class performance athlete.





Why Gut Health Matters


The health of the horse’s gut is crucial to his overall health and well – being.



We know that by optimising gut health and digestive efficiency we allow the horseto fully utilise his diet and that this is clearly reflected in his general health and coat shine.




OPTIMUM Balancer provides the highest level of nutritional support and broadest spectrum of beneficial nutrients available to improve the gut function of fit, healthy horse’s and ponies.




OPTIMUM includes a strain of live probiotic yeast and the unique digestive clay bentonite montmorillonite – this mops up excess acids and toxins and stabilises excess digestive reactions. OPTIMUM provides more bentonite on a daily basis than any other formula currently available.




OPTIMUM provides the key antacid, calcium carbonate, for horses and ponies with excess levels of acid within the gut, plus herbs including ginger, liquorice and mint.




OPTIMUM provides a broad spectrum of all essential vitamins, minerals and key amino acids, plus naturally sourced antioxidants and linseed oil, a natural source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for general health and vitality.




As well as boosting your horse or pony’s vitality, the additional oil in OPTIMUM helps to create a fabulous, glossy coat ensuring he looks and feels good inside and out.










Feeding Guidelines    :     


Large Horses : (600kg+)         :           150g per day

  Horses             : (400kg – 600kg)        100g per day

  Ponies              : (up to 400kg)               50g per day




Key Ingredients          :          

Amino   acids



 dl-Methionine (3.1.1) 1010 mg, l-Lysine   monohydrochloride (3.2.3) 2020 mg.



Trace   elements



 Calcium   iodate, anhydrous (E 2, 4.03 mg Iodine) 6.24 mg, Cupric sulphate,   pentahydrate (E 4, 181 mg Copper) 725 mg, Ferrous sulphate, monohydrate (E 1,   604 mg Iron) 2020 mg, Manganous oxide (E 5, 403 mg Manganese) 650 mg,   Selenised yeast inactivated (3b8.10, 1.61 mg Selenium) 1610 mg, Zinc oxide (E   6, 806 mg Zinc) 1120 mg.






Biotin 6.44 mg, Choline chloride 403 mg, Folic   acid 30.2 mg, Nicotinic acid 178 mg, Pantothenic Acid 100 mg, Vitamin A (E   672) 60500 I.U., Vitamin B1 100 mg, Vitamin B12 671 ?g, Vitamin B2 67.3 mg,   Vitamin B6 40.3 mg, Vitamin D3 (E 671) 10100 I.U., Vitamin E (3a700) 1710   I.U., Vitamin K 34.2 mg.


 Bentonite-montmorillonite (E 558) 216000 mg.

Digestibility   enhancer

Saccharomyces cerevisiae NCYC Sc47 (4b1702) 9.6 x   1010 cfu.

















   Crude     Fibre






   5040     mg/kg




   59900     mg/kg




   721     mg/kg




   9720     mg/kg




Available Sizes : (Click on size for further detail)



It Works !





Following are stories & testimonials from riders who have used NAF OPTIMUM Balancer.


International Eventer – Bettina Hoy



“Following all the travelling and the change of stables from Germany to the UK I felt my young horse, Designer, had lost a bit of condition and that his appetite wasn’t as good as usual.”                                                                                                               “After feeding him OPTIMUM he now looks fabulous, in fact, after doing so brilliantly on OPTIMUM, I now feed it to all my horses to ensure I keep their gut healthy and their condition nothing short of five star!!”





Dressage Rider – Zoe Sleigh



“Satin Rouge, my Five Year Old Shearwater champion is prone to losing condition when away from home”

“After her success at The Hartpury Festival of Dressage, with the atmosphere and the busy time she had, she definitely ‘dropped off ‘,  We started to feed her OPTIMUM and it has worked wonders – she has put on super condition and looks a picture. We’re absolutely delighted”





Top Showing Producers - Claire and Robert Oliver




“We have been feeding OPTIMUM and have had super results. Fabulous condition, great topline – the horses look fantastic! Furthermore we now have the confidence that OPTIMUM supplies all the nutrition the horses need so we now feed less and we save money!



Feeding OPTIMUM couldn’t be easier, it’s so palatable some of the horses take the pellets straight from the hand – OPTIMUM is a truly five star product and we highly recommend it.





Keen Horsewoman - Natalie Povey




OPTIMUM  is by far the best balancer I have ever fed. It suits my horse Foxy perfectly, complementing his current high fibre feed and adlib haylage.



Foxy can be very fussy – but he says OPTIMUM is very tasty! I am much happier too as I know he is getting everything he needs in his diet to optimize his health.



Overall I have noticed a clear difference to his digestive health and he has improved his condition overall. As his gut is now more settled, he is a much happier settled horse. I would recommend OPTIMUM highly to anyone.”

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