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No Bite
Unpleasant tasting liquid, containing Denatonium Benzoate in a special spray.
Legal Category:
Package: 500 ml spray.
Instructions: Apply to the surface of the rug or bandage as required.
Storage: Store in a dry place.
Contents: n/a
Ingredients: n/a
Key Ingredients: n/a
Further Information:
Whatever caused the habit to start it can be very difficult to stop.
Horses develop stereotypical behaviour, such as crib biting or rug chewing for a variety of reasons. The horse, a naturally gregarious animal, may resent being stabled alone for long periods of time; or he may be trying to redress any nutrient imbalance or deficiency in his diet by chewing and licking his surroundings. It is also thought that individuals can learn such behaviour by copying neighbouring horses. Whatever caused the habit to start it can be very difficult to stop. Management and diet should both be examined, and any possible cause be addressed. NAF No Bite is designed to act as a deterrent against recurrence. It is an unpleasant, non toxic liquid, containing Denatonium Benzoate in a spray bottle. It is and designed for use on surfaces such as stable doors and rails to discourage chewing. NAF No Bite has been formulated to be easily washed off, making it ideal for use on rugs and bandages. Non-toxic formula that will easily wash off.

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