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MSM is essential for the health and elasticity of the connective tissues surrounding the joints & Sulphur is an essential part of all living cells, including amino acids, vitamins and cartilage. However many sources of sulphur are not efficiently absorbed and used by the horse.



Methyl sulphonyl methane (MSM) is sulphur in it’s organic form as found in the horse’s natural diet (including grass and trees), but is largely driven off by the processing of hard feed and preserved forage. Therefore the diet of the stabled horse is likely to be deficient in this most important of nutrients.



MSM is rich in bio-available sulphur, vital for the health of soft tissue, tendons, ligaments and muscle.



Feeding MSM at the recommended rates ensures the correct levels of sulphur are donated to the areas where it's most needed, such as the soft tissue elements of the joint. NAF only use premium quality MSM, provided by UFAS accredited suppliers to ensure a high quality, safe product.

Further Detail




Methyl-sulphonyl-methane and Zinc Sulphate (<1%).
Organic sulphur (M.S.M.)



Protein 0.3% Ash 0% Fibre 0.2% Oil 0.3% Moisture 0.1%.


Feeding Guidelines

Feed 3-5 measures (24-40 g) per day for 10 days divided into two feeds followed by 1-3 measures per day (8-24 g)
Feed 2-4 measures (16-32 g) per day for 10 days divided into two feeds followed by 1-2 measures per day (8-16 g).A 300 g tub fed at 8 g per day will last 37 days.



Store in a dry place and replace lid after use.



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