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A straight feedingstuff for horses.
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A complementary feedingstuff for horses Package: 5 litre containers. Instructions: Feed as required. Storage: Store in a cool dry place and out of direct sunlight. Contents: Protein 7.2% Ash 11.50% Fibre 0.08% Oil 0.06% Moisture 31.6% Calcium 0.58-1.1% Phosphorus P 0.05-0.11% Potassium 2.7-4% Sulphur 0.46% Zinc 0-15 mg/kg. Ingredients: Contains pure cane molasses. Key Ingredients: n/a
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Loss of appetite can be brought on by a variety of reasons, environmental changes, illness or it may be that the horse becomes bored with the food offered. Keeping a sport horse eating well and finishing his rations is sometimes difficult. Loss of appetite can be brought on by a variety of reasons such as frequent changes of environment, illness, or it may be that sometimes the horse can become simply bored with the food offered or indeed that the food on occasion is somewhat unpalatable. Varying the taste of the food offered from time to time is a practice followed by all experienced in horse management, in order that the horse ingests the nutrients required for energy output and recuperation after effort. Of all the appetisers used, perhaps Molasses is the best known. NAF Molasses is naturally rich in phosphorus, iron, B vitamins and sucrose and, being liquid, is an excellent dust suppressant. For these reasons it is the appetite stimulator of choice for many owners and trainers.

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