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Respiratory stress is a common fact of life for the modern horse. Stabling, forage and indoor schools can all harbour dust and fungal spores which accumulate in and irritate the sensitive lining of the lungs and respiratory tract.


Whether a horse’s respiratory stress is only seen during exercise, or whether it’s seen more generally, it is likely that the exertion of working the horse can exacerbate the situation.


Kof-Eze is a highly palatable linctus, containing Teatree and Peppermint to soothe the respiratory tract, and may be used in conjunction with other respiratory supplements. Use immediately prior to exercise.

Further Detail

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Feeding guidelines


Kof Eze should be used as a support to other breathing supplements, or as a short term soothing linctus prior to exercise.


Weight ml per day
Horses 50
Ponies 30




Water, Dextrose, Glycerine, Maize starch (pre-gelatinised).



Peppermint oil <0.5%
Tea tree oil <0.5%




Protein < 1%
Fat < 1%
Ash < 1%
Crude Fibre < 1%
Sodium 20 mg/L
Moisture 73.6%
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