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EnerG out performs the competition... Give EnerG...  Give your horse that winning edge!

The sports horse demands more of his body to perform to his full potential.  As his performance increases so too does his requirement for specific nutrients.  It is our responsibility to provide him with the nutritional tools he needs.

It's well known that the essential salts are lost through sweat.  However, not only are electrolytes lost, so too is Iron.

Important for red blood cell formation and concentration, Iron is vital for the health and performance of the sports horse. First indications of low Iron levels include lethargy and a lowering in performance, more seriously leading to anaemia if not addressed.

Improving the horse's diet with an Iron rich supplement will restore the nutritional balance and help the horse maintain his performance.

This is when EnerG becomes so valuable. Not only rich in Iron, this veterinary approved formula contains the correct balance of other important supporting nutrients - such as Copper and Zinc - required by the horse to maximise the benefits of supplementary Iron, thus optimizing energy metabolis.

EnerG contains higher levels of Iron, Copper and Zinc than any other similar products available on the market.

Fed without Copper, Iron may cause a Copper deficiency within the system, while Zinc plays a valuable role in over two hundred enzyme reactions within the system.

EnerG is also rich in vitamin B complexes - unrivalled in the spectrum it offers the horse - B1, B2, B12, Nicotinic acid (B3), and Calcium Pantothenate (B5), plus Folic Acid (B9) and a unique precursor of Folic Acid, to ensure this essential vitamin is fully bio-available within the system.  All of these B vitamins are so essential to the hardworking competition horse, Why?  because they greatly contribute to the health and efficiency of red blood cells and energy metabolism.

Additional vitamins present in the EnerG formula include vitamin C, for its antioxidant qualities and ability to flush the toxins, which  naturally build up in the stressed system of the hard working horse, safely out of the system.  While vitamin K is also present to support the benefits of vitamin C.

EnerG... vs Red Cell

Per 30ml/1fl oz – Daily Amount

Red Cell











Vitamin B Complex Yes      Yes
Folic Acid Precursor



Vitamin K3



Vitamin C



Vitamin E Yes


Vitamin A Yes


Vitamin D Yes


Potassium Yes


Sulphur Yes


Magnesium Yes


Manganese Yes


Zinc Yes


Iodine Yes


Selenium Yes


EnerG is a carefully targeted product in that it simply provides the nutrients necessary to support blood profiles and energy metabolism.  Therefore it will safely fit in with your horse's existing feed and management regime without running the risk of doubling up on nutrients already adequately provided for in the diet.  (it's important to remember that feeding excess levels of nutrients can, at best cause your horse's system unnecessary work in having to excrete those excesses, at worst, the effects can be potentially dangerous).
Give EnerG... help naturally restore blood profiles
From time to time the sports horse can become a little 'low' and lethargic for seemingly no reason. In this instance veterinary examination can often indicate the horse has poor blood profiles.  It goes without saying the system is demonstrating signs of stress.
Improving the horse's diet with the correct nutritional support can help this situation to be short lived problem.  Supplementing the feed ration with EnerG will provide the horse with a well balanced supply of concentrated nutrients to restore the upset and he will soon start feeling back on track.  Subsequently taken profiles, together with his renewed vigour, should confirm that your horse is ready to return to the competition circuit.
And finally, EnerG comes with a great peppermint taste.  So, for palatability there's no contest!

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