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A complementary feedingstuff for horses.

Legal Category: A complementary feedingstuff

Package: 500g & 1kg tubs

Instructions: Loading rate: 3-5 scoops per day (33-66g) Maintenance rate: 2-3 scoops per day Low maintenance rate: 1-2 scoops per day.

Storage: Store in a dry place. Replace lid after use.

Contents: Protein 17.4% Ash 8.19% Fibre 7.9% Oil 7.0% Moisture 91.4%.

Ingredients: Dried forage, products of tubers and roots, aromatic and appetising herbs, ascorbic acid, minerals.

Key Ingredients: n/a Further Information:

The cause of muscle cramping is multifactorial, but toxins in the blood stream, as a result of metabolic upset, are strongly indicated.

Performance horses live a life far removed from that which nature intended. They are often fed a diet high in concentrates, kept fully stabled and given hard exercise which can lead to a range of situations that compromise the horses' digestion and muscle integrity. Fit horses given a day of rest, but a full ration, may exhibit muscle cramping and a reluctance to move. The cause of muscle cramping is multifactorial and the triggers are not fully understood, but toxins in the blood stream as a result of metabolic upset are strongly indicated. An unbalanced feeding regime, common in the modern equine diet, is also seen as a possible cause. Of particular importance is sulphur which is essential for cell and tissue health and is often lost during cereal processing and storage. Some horses seem prone to recurrence and again, it is not completely understood why. Natural predisposition is likely, although permanent damage to muscle cells from previous bouts may also be a factor. NAF D-Ty contains bio-available organic sulphur (MSM), to support muscle integrity, and yeasts to maintain the digestive equilibrium. The materials in this formula contain enriched natural sources of antioxidants; glutathione, vitamins and mineral, carotenoids, bioflavanoids and trace elements, chosen to maintain muscle health and integrity

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Weight: 500gkg
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