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A complementary feedingstuff for horses .
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A complementary feedingstuff.
Package: 500g, 1.5kg, 2.5kg, 5kg & 8kg.
A 500g tub fed at 9g per day will last 55 days.
Instructions: Initially feed 3 measures (27 g) per day for the first 15 days, thereafter 1 measure (9 g) per day in feed if preferred. If the risk factor is high the maintenance level can be increased to 2 measures (18 g) per day.
Storage: Store in a cool dark place. Replace lid after use.
Contents: Protein 6.9% Ash 4.30% Fibre 10.1% Oil 3.3% Moisture 9.8%.
Ingredients: Grape pulp,Vit. C, Zinc/Copper amino acid chelate, Manganese amino acid chelate, Multiple source citrus bioflavonoids, Beta-Carotene, Alpha-Lipoic acid, Circuma longa, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Pantothenic acid, Vitamin and Mineral Premix, Aromatic Herbs.
Key Ingredients:
Further Information:
Scientifically verified antioxidant content.The consequences of the build-up of toxic waste can be very damaging physiologically and dramatically lowers their overall resistance, adversely affecting performance. Maintaining horses in optimal condition and protecting them from the results of stress-inducing factors can be a trying and frustrating business. Although we tend to think of horses as large, strong animals, they are, in fact, very susceptible to stress induced metabolic disorders. This stress can be caused by a number of reasons, a diet not tailored to their specific needs, intense work or injury, mixing with other horses when competing, etc. When horses are subjected to these forms of stress, the build-up of toxic waste that occurs in all tissue intensifies. The consequences of the build-up of toxic waste can be very damaging physiologically and dramatically lowers their overall resistance. All of which will, of course, wreak havoc with your carefully considered fitness and training plan. N.A.F. D-TOX is a completely unique response from N.A.F., enriched with multiple source bio-flavonoids, providing your horses with specific anti-oxidants, optimising their renal function and their natural ability to remove toxic waste.

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Weight: 500gkg
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