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Teatree Oil Shampoo for Dogs

For dirty dogs with sensitive skins.

Legal Category: n/a

Package: 250ml.  Add 20ml per litre of water.

Instructions: Add 20ml per litre of water, or wet coat and apply directly, rub in and rinse out thoroughly. As a precaution apply to a test area prior to using for the first time.

Storage: Replace lid after use. Store in a cool, dry place.

Contents: n/a

Ingredients: n/a

Key Ingredients: Tea tree oil.

Further Information:

Teatree oil, extracted from the Australian Teatree, has been scientifically tested to demonstrate a broad range of incredibly effective anti-bacterial and anti-microbial  properties.

NAF have added Teatree Oil, in it's purest form, to a gentle shampoo base to produce a cleanser that disinfects the skin, helping to relieve the effect of parasites, mange and other skin problems; leaving the coat glossy and free from static.

To support a glossy coat from within feed Omega Oil for Dogs.

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