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A complementary feeding stuff for the most essential organs in the body.
Legal Category:
A complementary feedingstuff.
Package: 500g and 1.5kg.
Instructions: Maintenance: Feed 1 scoop (approx 15g) per day Loading rate: feed 3 scoops (approx 45g) per day for 10 days.
Storage: Store in a dry place and replace lid after use.
Contents: Ash 30.8% Oil 13% Protein 12.5% Moisture 8.8% Fibre 6.4% Per kg: Vitamin E 62,000 IU Nicotinic Acid 4650 mg Pantothenic Acid 3100 mg Vitamin B1 1860 mg Vitamin B2 930 mg Vitamin B6 930 mg Folic Acid 93 mg Biotin 62 mg
Ingredients: Phosphotidyl choline, vitamin and mineral premix, dried brewers yeast, silybum marianum, taraxacum officinale, cynara scolymus, multiple source anti-oxidants.
Key Ingredients: Milk thistle, vitamin B complex, antioxidants.
Further Information:
BLK is a revolutionary feed supplement containing multiple sourced anti-oxidants and specific vitamins and minerals for the maintenance of healthy blood, liver and kidneys. The liver and kidneys are two of the most hard working organs. They are responsible for regulating the levels of chemicals in the body, and breaking down harmful toxins into substances which may be excreted safely via the faeces or urine. The equine liver is also responsible for producing bile, maintaining the blood sugar levels and converting food into functional protein, fat and carbohydrate. The kidneys regulate the electrolyte balance and red blood cell production. Functions essential for mammals as physically active as the horse. Without careful management, the horse may consume a number of harmful toxins in its diet and from the environment, which may put the liver under such pressure so that it, it self, becomes damaged. All owners are aware of the consequences, should their horse eat Ragwort or go untreated for parasites. Remarkably the liver can regenerate (depending on the severity of the damage) but nutrients must be readily available in the blood for it to do so. BLK has been formulated to provide the essential nutrients for these specific organs. High quality vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B, choline and folic acid have been included, and combined with an extensive range of natural antioxidants. A combination of herbs such as Milk Thistle, Dandelion and Artichoke have also been chosen for their nutritional qualities. Unfortunately, the symptoms for liver damage may not become apparent until it is 80% damaged. It is therefore essential that the correct nutrients are supplied in the diet to maintain the health of these organs.

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Weight: 500gkg
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