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NAF Five Star Superflex is unique and has a totally natural formula which has been developed by top vet’s using the latest cutting edge, premium grade,  fully traceable ingredients – including nutrients proven to support joint flexibility which in turn are supported by a powerful combination of naturally sourced ingredients selected for their rich anti – oxidant properties and it is  for these reasons that NAF Five Star Superflex is set apart from other joint formulaes.


NAF Five Star Superflex has full vet approval, plus it is the product of choice of many British Team Riders – so take their advice and give your horses joints the five star treatment they deserve.


NAF Five Star Superflex The No1 Joint Supplement – recommended by Vet’s & top riders







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Feeding Instructions.


Horses: 13g per day (approx 3 scoops)

Ponies:  8g per day (approx 2 scoops)Loading Dose – 3 to 10 days, 25g per day (approx. 6 scoops)


Note: Maintenance levels may be adjusted to suit the individual and are not necessarily related to bodyweight.rnrn rnrnFeed daily for working joints, particularly in competition horses to ensure ultimate joint health and flexibility.



Key Ingredients.


Glucosamine Sulphate, MSM, Chrondroitin sulphate, Hyaluronic acid,rnrnProduct from the processing of plants, Glutamine, White mineral oil.





Protein 21.4%, Fat 0.2%, Ash 1.2%, Crude Fibre 1.1%, Sodium 420mg / kg.



Available Pack Sizes:


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4oog, 1 months supply      800g, 2 months supplyrnrn1.6kg, 4 months supply    3.2kg, 8 months supply 9.6kg, 24 months supply



 Also available in liquid form  - Click here for details


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Further Info

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NAF Five Star Superflex        


Superflex is the right combination; a scientifically balanced ratio of readily absorbed Glucosamine and Chondroitin, the highest quality MSM plus the added benefits of a powerful antioxidant formula, exclusively designed to address excess toxin build up around the joint.



Horses’ joints have to cope with extreme forces and it is commonly the cartilage that is the first part to show wear and tear. Thinning synovial fluid (joint fluid) and a disruption in the protective cartilage layer starts the process of joint breakdown. Often the initial signs are undetectable, but will build over time until the horse can no longer work effectively.



The key cartilage nutrients, Glucosamine Sulphate, MSM, Chondroitin Sulphate and Hyaluronic acid (HA) are proven to support the health of both cartilage and the thick synovial fluid that oils the joint. Research recommends that feeding a combination of the key nutrients allows them to work together more effectively than any one nutrient alone.



Getting the combination right is crucial. Five Star Superflex contains the right combination of key nutrients in the optimum ratios, developed over twenty five years of working with sound horses. Naturally sourced antioxidants are also included to flush accumulated toxins from around the joint.



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