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Providing nutritional protection from brittle hooves.

Legal Category:
A complementary feedingstuff for horses.
Package: 1litre bottle
A 1 litre bottle fed at 25ml per day will last 40 days.
Horses over 600kg 30ml per day
Horses 400-600kg 25ml per day
Ponies under 400kg 15ml per day
Storage: Store at room temperature. Shake well before use. Replace cap after use.

Contents: n/a

Ingredients: Aqua, multiple source bioflavonoids, MSM, vitamin and mineral premix, amino acid chelates, xanthum gum, aspartame, biotin

Key Ingredients: Biotin, methionine, lysine, Vitamins A, B6,C and E, zinc sulphate, manganese sulphate, bio-flavonoids, fatty acids, bio-available sulphur

Further Information:
“No foot, no horse” should really read “No liver, no foot, no horse” as nutritional protection against brittle feet starts with supporting this most vital of organs. As the body’s own natural antioxidant the job of the liver is to flush free radical toxins from the system. When the system is stressed compromised liver function is seen first in the largest organ of the body – the skin and hooves. NAF Pro-Feet is unique as it concentrates on total systemic support, through providing naturally sourced antioxidants for liver function, working in synergy with specific foot nutritional tools. As in nature synergy is everywhere, and when the right, naturally sourced nutrients work together a supplement greater than the sum of it’s parts is the result. The natural antioxidant blend in Pro-Feet is scientifically verified to provide unique levels of antioxidants. Traditionally 15mg daily of biotin has been recommended for hoof health, but it is now considered to be above that, and it is important that the size of the horse is considered to provide optimum levels without waste. NAF Pro-Feet provides the optimum level of biotin available today, easily adjusted to suit the size of the animal. A broad blend of amino acids, including methionine and lysine, are included to support the assimilation of proteins, such as make up hoof horn. Essential fatty acids support a shiny coat and foot condition, while a broad base of vitamins and minerals maintain general health and vitality. Of particular importance to the hoof is sulphur – hence the smell when hot shoeing. Pro-Feet provides MSM, a natural bio-available form of sulphur, in unsurpassed levels. Pro-Feet is provided in an easily used, readily assimilated liquid form allowing nutritional support to get right to where it matters – providing nutritional protection from brittle hooves. Because of the slow rate of growth of hooves it is recommended to feed NAF Pro-Feet for at least 12 weeks to assess hoof health.1


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