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Five Star Instant Magic
Silliness in horses may actually have a dietary root, that of low magnesium.
A dietic for equines affected by stress.
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A dietic for horses. Instructions: For use prior to specific event to suit individuals requirements. Storage: Store in a dry place. Contents: n/a Ingredients: Calcined Magnesite, Withania, Passiflora, hops. Key Ingredients: n/a
Further Information:
NAF Instant Magic is ideal for one-off events or as a back-up to the regular use of NAF Magic in the tense, nervous horse, and will allow him to cope more easily with the pressures of the modern equine life without doping or detracting from his performance. The horse evolved to live in herds on open plains, moving quietly in a group and living on a wide variety of grasses, herbs and plants. Unfortunately this did not prepare him for the pressures of the modern equine life, and it is fair to say that some horses cope better than others. The causes of nervousness and anxiety should always be properly investigated, but if there are no obvious stresses or physical cause it may be that supplemental support is required. Magnesium is a vitally important element in the body involved in fluid transfer and enzyme reactions. One of magnesium’s key roles is in muscle contractions, and a sign of low magnesium is tension in the muscles. Other signs of magnesium deficiency include nervousness, poor appetite and sweating. The stress of working and traveling regularly increases the likelihood of a horse suffering from low magnesium, as does the period of lactation in brood mares. Rapidly growing grass is low in magnesium while being relatively high in potassium which, itself, impairs magnesium uptake in the system. Therefore the “Spring Fever” of silliness in horses may actually have a dietary root, that of low magnesium in the grazing. However magnesium alone is unlikely to be the whole answer. While the wild horse could pick and choose the herbs he required the modern horse, with his limited pasture and diet, doesn’t have that choice. NAF Magic combines highly bio-available magnesium with herbs traditionally used to reduce stressful reactions. Withania is traditionally used to reduce tension and support concentration. Passion Flower and Hops both reduce tension while soothing tight muscles.

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