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Lincoln Platinum Pro 5 Mag Calmer

Lincoln Platinum


Lincoln Platinum Pro5 Mag Calmer is the fist calmer to use 5 different sources of magnesium, including both chelated magnesium and magnesium aspartate which are both more readily absorbed. Suitable for horses/ponies showing signs of anxiety at home, during travelling or at a competition.


Non-sedating and does not reduce performance.

Further Info

Lincoln Platinum Pro 5 Mag Calmer


Lincoln Platinum Pro5 Mag Calmer can be given as a one-off dose 30-60 minutes before the effect is required but the effects are more reliable if the product is given on a regular daily basis.



Lincoln Platinum Pro5 Mag Calmer may be given in a single feed or split between several feeds.



Feed ponies 2 scoops per day, horses 3 scoops and large horses 4 scoops. 1 scoop = 15.7g.



  • Unique formulation using 5 different forms of Magnesium
  • Contains highly bioavailable Chelated Magnesium and Magnesium Aspartate
  • Fast acting
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