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Keratex Hoof Wash and Soak



Keratex Hoof Wash & Soak is a unique and very economical wash or soak for the hooves and lower legs, which has been produced for those horses that would benefit from a cooling and cleansing ten minute soak or scrub.



Keratex Hoof Wash is a good addition to every grooming kit to help keep hooves and legs as clean as you can.



Makes up to 125 litres

Further Info


Keratex Hoof Wash  is really effective for:



  •           soothing legs in muddy      conditions with a cooling soak
  •          using in between poultice changes to keep hooves, legs, dressings and other equipment clean


  •          maintaining effective frogs


A one litre bottle will dilute in plain water to make 125 litres to give you plenty of scrubs or soaks for your money.



Simply add a capful of Hoof Wash to half a bucket of clean water and you will find that this product will really go the distance for you.



Available in 1 litre bottle.

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