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Below you will see some general well known horse definitions & ailments, we have tried to give you a little information on each and some product ideas too!


‘If in any doubt at all, please speak to your vet about your concerns’



  • A cavity containing fluid, dead cells & bacteria, better known as ‘pus’. This can be acute, which means it forms and then bursts quickly or chronic, where it develops over a longer period, not bursting until almost at the skins surface. Handy to keep Animalintex, NaturalintX poultice, NaturalintX hoof poultice, Vetwrap, NaturalintX wrap……….



  • ‘Phenylbutazone’, used to treat pain like arthritis, wounds, splints etc available on prescription only. Many companies produce natural alternatives for long term and competition use. NAF Devils Relief, Buteless, Dodson & Horrell Devils Claw Root, Hilton Herbs Releaf Herbal Bute (not phenylbutazone), Vetrofen………



  • This is the first milk produced by the mare for her new born foal. It is vital for the foal, due to the very high protein content which in turn gives the foal immunity to disease……..maybe NAF’s Mare, Foal & Youngstock would give additional support too.



  • Fatty pad at the back of the hoof, forming the bulbs of the heel and reducing concussion. Keep hooves in tip top form with Farriers Formula, NAF Pro Feet, Dodson & Horrell Firm Foot or Hoof Support, Equine America Hoof Power Plus, Cornucrescine, Effol, Topspec Healthy Hoof…..



  • This is the description of those larval stages of the small redworm, that are surrounded by a small sac/cyst. Licensed by the VMD (2019637), our SQP (QE6130) can advise and help you worm your  horse effectively.


  • Whilst not able to measure larvae (developing worms) and tapeworm burden, it really is the most effective and responsible tool for building a parasite picture for your horse and targeting your worming programme. We work very closely with Equilabs, their worm count kits are always available and the results can even be sent directly back to us for our SQP (QE6130) to advise you.



  • This is a bit of a general term for the horse’s digestive system. The alimentary tract, runs from the mouth to the anus. Starting with the pharynx, then oesophagus, stomach, small intestine and a group of organs called the large intestines. Modern feeding and additional external pressures, often make it difficult for the gut to perform at its best. There are now a large number of products to help gut function, you may consider Topspec Balancer, Topspec Senior Balancer, Naf Pink Powder, Naf Haylage Balancer, Naf Biotics, Naf Thrive, Dodson & Horrell Yea Sacc, Dodson & Horrell Digestive Support, Hilton Herbs Gastri X Digestive Formula, Protexin…



  • As a general rule of thumb, when you know your horse, you can normally tell if something is different. It’s quite handy to keep a note of their normal temperature, pulse & respiration. For a healthy adult horse at rest, these are approximately: Temperature 38c/100.5F (your horse may be up to 0.5 difference) Pulse about 40 beats per minute and Respiration about 12 breaths per minute. Younger horses and certainly foals will have slightly higher readings. It’s always sensible to have a thermometer in you first aid kit & there are a number of vitamins & minerals available to support good health, Topspec All in One, Topspec Balancers, Naf General Purpose Supplement,  Dodson & Horrell Vits & Mins, Dodson & Horrell Hedgerow Herbs, Equine America Topform Pellets, Hilton Herbs All Year Round Mix…….



  • See GUT…… balancers, probiotics, prebiotics, yea sacc all support healthy gut/intestine function.



  • Joints are basically where two or more bones meet and are supported with cartilage, ligaments, tissues and in the most free moving joints, synovial fluid. When any of these components are compromised, mobility can be affected. There has been much research developing products to help prevent a difficulty and also to help treat when a problem is present……..5* Naf Superflex Liquid or Powder, Equine America Cortaflex HA Solution or Powder, Dodson & Horrell Mobility, Naf MSM, Hilton Herbs MultiFlex Gold, Hilton Herbs Reflex, Topspec 10:10 Joint Supplement, Vetrofen, Vetroflex………


  • We use the knee as a general term, but really called it is called the carpal joint, which is made up of three smaller joints. The knee joint is often under a lot of pressure, poor confirmation, jumping, concussion and just by the way the horse moves. There are a number of products that help with prevention and degenerative conditions.. Topspec 10:10 Joint Supplement, Naf MSM, Hilton Herbs Multiflex Gold, Hilton Herbs Reflex, Cortaflex, Naf 5* Superflex, Vetroflex, Vetrofen, Dodson & Horrell Mobility………



  • Much study has been conducted about laminitis. It is inflamed sensitive laminae in the foot and can be detected by heat, pain and lameness. Although considered a reaction to the incorrect balance of protein (feed) and exercise, there are many other factors that can influence a horse or pony that is prone to suffering from it. There are some great natural products available, either to feed all year round or when you feel your horse is at most risk. Naf 5* Laminaze, Dodson & Horrell Lamifree, Equine America Lamigard, Hilton Herbs NavX Gold….


  • Skin condition caused by an organism which enters skin, particularly if horses are exposed to wet, muddy conditions. Forms matted scabs and can be quite difficult to control if you have a horse that is susceptible. Naf Mud Guard Powder, Naf Mud Guard Cream, Hilton Aloe Vera.


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