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Use our concentrated liquid herbal supplement when quick absorption is required. Anxiety, stress, nervousness or uncharacteristic behaviour can be due to physical or mental problems. Tranquility Support is a tried and tested herbal calmer that will not dope or sedate your dog, but will help maintain a healthy and balanced nervous system and a calm outlook. Tranquility Gold is ideal for training, changes in routine, if travelling, for over exciteable dogs, rescue animals that may have received bad treatment or simply for tense, nervous sensitive dogs.

Contains: Valerian root, Lemon Balm herb, Scullcap herb, Chamomile flowers, Hawthorn tops, Marshmallow root.

One of the herbs used in this product is Valerian – Valeriana officinalis.

Valerian is adored by both cats and mice.  In the old days when there was an Apothecary or Herbalist on every street, the herbs were often stored in wooden drawers in a large sideboard. It was said that you could always tell the Valerian drawer because it would be rubbed shiny by the apothecary cat rubbing up against it and polishing the wood with its body. It is also suggested that the Pied Piper of Hamelin used Valerian to entice the mice and rats to follow him out of the town.

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