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A gleaming coat and healthy skin condition is a reflection of overall health in your pet. We all know how our own hair and skin condition suffers if we are run down, tired or feeling “ out of sorts”, and our dogs are no different!. Top Coat is our natural supplement for dogs, which contains plants to support and maintain depth of coat colour and skin pigmentation. There are also herbs to help your dogs natural resistance to allergens, as well as plants that will cool, soothe and cleanse, ensuring your dog maintains prime coat and skin condition all year round. If necessary use our soothing anti–bacterial and anti–fungal cream  Phytobalm for any abrasions, irritations, dry or scurfy areas and our Coal Tar Neem and Tea Tree shampoo for scurfy, smelly coats.

Contains: Marigold flowers, Chamomile flowers, Nettle leaf, Cleaver herb, Burdock root, Dandelion root and Kelp

Young nettle leaves make a tasty and nutritious soup, remember to pick only the young fresh leaves and always wear gloves to protect your hands when picking and handling the nettles. You can make the soup out of nettles alone or add potatoes for a thicker consistency.The sting disappears once the nettles are chopped and cooked. Nettles contain high levels of Vitamin C and Iron and taste great. There are lots of great nettle soup recipes available on the internet, go on give it a try!

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