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If your looking for a fast acting herbal supplement for your dog then this is it. Formulated from pure herbal tinctures and apple cider vinegar this liquid product is often selected by our customers looking for quick absorption or who prefer to use a liquid herbal product for their dog . These herbs have been selected for their specific ability to help support all the physiological systems of the dog as it ages. Devils Claw to help maintain flexible joints, Milk Thistle for liver support and health, Cleaver for a healthy lymphatic system and to maintain efficient removal of waste products from the body, Nettle for an effective and healthy circulatory system, Hawthorn tops known to herbalists as “ nurse of the old heart”, and Dandelion root to maintain an effective and efficient urinary and hepatic system. Our apple cider vinegar is produced from the whole apple and contains high levels of potassium, magnesium plus all the apples health giving benefits.

1:3 tinctures of Meadowsweet herb, Devils Claw root, Milk Thistle seed, Hawthorn berries, Cleaver herb, Dandelion root, Nettle leaf, Burdock root, Rosemary herb and Apple cider vinegar.

Frequently asked questions:

Can Veteran or Veteran Gold be used in conjunction with conventional medication?  Generally the answer is YES, but we always advise owners to contact us before purchasing this or in fact any product, to check that it will not interfere or interact with any conventional medication their dog my be having.

Did you know?

Hawthorn's latin name is Crataegus oxycanthoides. The name Crataegus comes from the Greek word - Kratos - which means strength, because of the hardness of the wood. Oxycantha is derived from the Greek - osux- meaning sharp, and - akantha - a thorn.  Hawthorn is know in England as Maybush or whitethorn, because the shrub blooms in May producing a profusion of white blossoms. It is the flowering Hawthorn tops ( leaf and flower) and the Hawthorn berries that are used by herbalists.

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