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Gastri X is a soothing, calming and supportive formula that has been specially formulated to help maintain and support a healthy and efficient digestive system, enabling your dog to get the very best out of its  food. This product is particularly helpful for use when stress or change of routine may upset your dogs normal digestion, and can help maintain the steady process of food through the digestive tract.

We recommend using our Digest Plus 'The Herbal Balancer' in conjunction with GastriX whenever stress or routine change may upset your dogs normal digestion.

Contains: Slippery Elm, Marshmallow root, Gotu Kola leaf, Dandelion root, Liquorice root, Chamomile flowers, Valerian root, Cramp Bark

There are two parts of the Marshmallow plant used by herbalists - the root and the leaves. Although they have a similar action within the body they are used for their action on different systems within the body. The root is used for the digestion and the leaves are used for the respiratory and urinary system.

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Weight: 250gkg
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