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Formulated originally for a Veterinary Surgeon to help support his clients German Shepherd dogs, this pure tincture mix contains herbs known for their ability to support the dogs pelvic area, nervous, musculo – skeletal and circulatory systems. This mix can be easily added to the dogs daily food. The general feeding requirement is to give 1 - 2ml per 10 kg of bodyweight twice a day. For example a dog weighing 20 kg would be given 2 - 4ml twice a day in food.  We often suggest to our customers that they initially give their dogs the lower quantity, as this may be all that is required. Owners can increase the quantity if it is felt the dog needs more support.

Containing 1: 3 tinctures of Horsetail, St John’s Wort, Bilberry fruit, Astragalus, Yarrow and Horsetail.


Can I give CDRM to my dog if he/she is also receiving conventional medication from my Vet? Generally the answer is YES, but we always advise owners to contact us before purchasing this, or in fact any of our products, to check that it will not interfere or interact with any conventional medication their dog my be having.

Did you know?

Horse tail - Equisetum arvense - is so named because the latin name comes from Equus - horse and Seta - tail. Horsetail contains huge amounts of silica, the Dutch call the plant Pewterwort, this is because in Holland it used to be used to polish pewter and tin because of its abrasive silica content.

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