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Eqvalan Duo



Eqvalan Duo is an oral paste wormer for horses containing ivermectin and praziquantel.




Eqvalan Duo is for the treatment of tapeworm, roundworm and bot infestations in horses.
Each Eqvalan Duo syringe is sufficient to treat a 600kg horse.
Active ingredients : ivermectin and praziquantel.





Legal Category :POM-VPS




*Not suitable for foals under 2 months old*




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Further Info

Eqvalan Duo


Eqvalan Duo is an Oral paste containing: 1.55% w/w ivermectin Ph. Eur. and 7.75% w/w praziquantel Ph. Eur


Dosage and administration

The recommended dose is 200 mcg ivermectin per kg bodyweight and 1mg praziquantel per kg bodyweight (corresponding to 1.29g of paste per 100kg bodyweight in a single treatment).

Bodyweight and dosage should be accurately determined prior to treatment.



The contents of one syringe will treat horses up to 600kg.

Calibrated markings are provided at 100kg bodyweight intervals. The syringe should be adjusted to the calculated dosage by setting the ring on the appropriate place on the plunger.

Parasite/Worming control program
Veterinary advice should be sought on appropriate dosing programs and stock management to achieve adequate parasite/worming control for both tapeworm and roundworm infestations.


Dosing instructions

Eqvalan Duo oral paste is for oral administration only.


While holding the plunger, turn the knurled ring on the plunger ¼ turn to the left and slide it so the stop ring is at the prescribed weight marking. Lock the ring in place by turning it ¼ turn to the right in order to bring the two arrows, the one visible on the ring and the one on the plunger rod, into alignment. Make sure the horse's mouth contains no feed.



Remove the cover from the tip of the syringe. Insert the syringe tip into the horse’s mouth at the interdental space and deposit the paste on the base of the tongue.



Immediately raise the horse’s head for a few seconds after dosing and ensure that the paste is consumed.






Eqvalan Duo


Contra Indications / Warnings


Safety studies were not conducted in foals younger than 2 months of age, nor in stallions, therefore Eqvalan Duo cannot be recommended for use in these categories of animals.



The use of Eqvalan Duo may be dangerous to aquatic life. Horses should not have direct access to surface waters and ditches during treatment.



Eqvalan Duo has been formulated for use in horses only. Cats, dogs, especially Collies, Old English Sheepdogs and related breeds or crosses, and also turtles and tortoises may be adversely affected by the concentration of ivermectin in this product if they are allowed to ingest spilled paste or have access to used syringes.



Parasite resistance to any particular class of anthelmintic may develop following frequent, repeated use of an anthelmintic of that class.



Some horses with heavy infections of Onchocerca spp. microfilariae have experienced oedema and pruritus following treatment, assumed to be the result of the death of large numbers of microfilariae.


These signs resolve within a few days but symptomatic treatment may be advisable. In cases of heavy infestations with tapeworms, signs of mild, transient colic and diarrhoea may be observed.



There have been rare reports of swelling and irritation of the mouth, lip and tongue, and of salivation following administration of Eqvalan Duo. These reactions have been transitory in nature, appearing within 1 hour and abating within 24-48 hours following administration.



No undesirable effects related to treatment were observed in 2 month old horses treated with Eqvalan Duo at up to three times the recommended dose and in adult horses treated at ten times the recommended dose.



Transient decreased food consumption, increased body temperature and impairment of vision were noticed in horses treated twice with an ivermectin oral paste at ten times the recommended dose (i.e., 2 mg/kg b.w.).

All changes disappeared within five days. No antidote has been identified; however, symptomatic therapy may be beneficial.



Use during pregnancy and lactation


Ivermectin-Praziquantel combination can be used after the first three months of gestation and during lactation.


In the absence of clinical data in early pregnancy Eqvalan Duo can only be used in the first three months of gestation according to a risk benefit analysis by the veterinarian.



Withdrawal periods


Meat: 30 days. Do not use in mares producing milk for human consumption.



Container disposal

EXTREMELY DANGEROUS FOR FISH AND AQUATIC LIFE. Do not contaminate surface waters or ditches with product or used syringes. Dispose of any unused product and empty syringes in accordance with guidance from your local waste regulation authority.

Click on the following link to find details of all veterinary medicinal products currently authorised in the UK together with a list of suspended and recently expired products.

If you suspect an adverse reaction

If you have a complaint the VMD may be contacted at


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