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  • EquiNectar®:is a revolutionary new natural feed supplement, designed to optimise equine digestion & performance.


  • EquiNectar® is founded on pioneering research and breakthrough technology, originally found in the field of Human Gastroenterology & Toxicology.


  • EquiNectar® has been scientifically proven to help re-balance a horse's gut bacteria, Improve digestion and increase nutrient absorption from feed.
  • EquiNectar® is made from Enzyme Rich Malt Extract (ERME) and contains a number of live enzymes, including amylase, which is known to assist the digestion of
    complex carbohydrate
  • EquiNectar® is a natural product with a liquid, honey-like consistency that is very easy to use
  • EquiNectar® is a safe, natural product manufactured to human grade standards -used in human diets for over 100 years
  • EquiNectar® is UFAS and BETA NOPS approved

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EquiNectar® improves digestion by:

  • Digesting excess carbohydrates
  • Increasing nutrient absorption
  • Reducing acidity in the hindgut - reducing the likelihood of toxins passing through gut wall
    into the bloodstream
  • Normalising gut bacteria (microbiome)


EquiNectar® improves condition & performance:


  • A diet with EquiNectar® has been associated with performance improvement -
  • Timeform ratings used in an independent study as a measure of racehorse performance showed a statistically significant improvement after EquiNectar®

was used as part of a regular diet.






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