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Equine Easy Breathing


Horses evolved to thrive on wide open plains, and their respiratory tracts are designed for exerting maximum performance when fleeing predators, quite a world away from our expectations of them – often living and working in quite enclosed environments.  This creates pressures for the modern horse.

Over winter it can be difficult to avoid the dust burdens such as hay, straw, sand schools etc, which can stress the lungs of susceptible individuals. But equally we are increasingly seeing that Spring and Summer bring their own respiratory challenges.



Dust is still an issue for stabled horses, particularly if required to work in dry, dusty environments.
But through spring and summer some horses find coping with other allergies, such as pollen, to be the biggest challenge. Similarly we see hypersensitive reactions to sunlight, or wooded areas all resulting in respiratory stress.

Management plays an important role, such as the use of nose nets for those sensitive to pollen, or full face masks if bright light aggravates the problem.
Help is also at hand from the diet in the form of supplementary nutritional support.



The naturally sourced, scientifically verified antioxidants found in NAF Five Star Respirator support the lungs by harmlessly flushing out the toxins associated with lung stress. By combining those antioxidants with key herbal extracts for immune support, such as Echinacea, and the naturally expectorant essential oils of clove and eucalyptus,

NAF Five Star Respirator Boost takes natural respiratory support into the 21st century.
Such is our confidence in Five Star Respirator Boost that we guarantee that you and your horse will see a difference within 48 hours – or your money back! However it’s worth noting that, because of the nature of the issue, the initial difference seen may be an apparent worsening of the signs rather than the improvement.
That is, if your horse usually shows some signs of nasal discharge as a result of pollen stress, you may suddenly be confronted with a river of goo down the stable door for a couple of days after introducing Five Star Respirator Boost! Clearly this is a positive sign as natural lung clearance is supported, and will not be a long term reaction.



But natural respiratory support does not have to be limited to those with obviously stressed breathing.
A study at Bristol University Veterinary School found that sub-clinical respiratory stress was present in the majority (up to 80%) of competition horses. This should come as no great surprise given the respiratory challenges of stabling, regular travel, often meeting new horses and working in schools that apply to our equine athletes.

So to allow your horse to work to his maximum consider improving his diet with Five Star Respirator Boost on a daily basis.



In susceptible horses & ponies spring and summer stress may be exacerbated to the distressing condition of headshaking. Characterised by a violent vertical flipping of the head (up and down movement), Head shakers often become extremely agitated and may be a danger both to themselves and those handling them.



Equine Headshaking will, again, have an allergic trigger, and while respiratory allergens such as pollen are common triggers others are also recognised. Allergen triggers for headshaking include bright sunlight, flies, wind and – in some rare cases – rain drops falling on the particular animal’s face.
This last one, which may seem implausible, is actually the closest to what experts believe to be the closest equivalent human condition, and that is Trigeminal Neuralgia – an extreme condition triggered by touch and resulting in sharp, stabbing pains to the face.



For horses & ponies prone to Equine Headshaking it is recommended that you improve their diet with specific, targeted, nutritional support. Naturally sourced antioxidants such as those found in NAF Shake Relief will, as with respiratory stress, maximise flushing out of the toxins associated with that allergic condition. In addition it is important to provide nutrients and herbal extracts for a calm outlook, as affected horses will understandably become quite distressed. Lastly providing effective herbal immune support allows the individual to best fight those battles that his system is faced with. A unique blend of key nutrients can be found in NAF Shake Relief, and we strongly recommend supporting his diet daily from before the onset of his risk period for optimum effect.



Whatever the cause of seasonal stress it is important that nutritional support is seen as part of the overall holistic approach to horse health care. As discussed earlier, nose nets are well worth trying – though my advice would be to borrow one first if possible, as I’ve certainly heard of horses who are made worse by them. Also consider keeping a note of those days your horse is most affected on – what was the weather like, where did you ride? By keeping a diary you should get a better idea
of your horse’s specific allergen trigger.




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Acknowledgement :  Kate Hore BSc(Hons), nutritionist at Natural Animal Feeds. For further information call the NAF Freephone Advice Line on 0800 373106, or see the NAF web site at



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