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Equine America Uls Gard Pellets
Exercise, diet and stress can all result in stomach sensitivities leading to gastric ulcers, which are not only uncomfortable for the horse, but if left, can seriously damage their health.


Horses with ulcers will often lose condition, underperform and become grumpy and irritated.
Uls Gard pellets will heal and prevent ulcers by neutralising acid, soothing, coating and calming the stomach lining.  The effect is to reduce stress and improve digestive transit.


Give Uls Gard with every feed to any horse in training or competition, travelling or receiving high levels of hard feed.

Available in 1.6kg - a 40 day supply at maintenance.

£59.99 £53.99 (Tax Exempt)
Weight: 1.6Kgkg
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