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EVERYDAY vitamins & minerals


EVERYDAY vitamin & mineral supplement is a great value general purpose complementary supplement for horses to provide vitamins, minerals and digestive aids for optimal health, as part of a balanced diet.

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EVERYDAY vitamins & minerals



EVERYDAY Vitamins & Minerals is a complete supplement for all horses, containing top quality vitamins, minerals, pro-biotics and trace element it is an easy to feed palatable pellet which is ideal for both stable and field kept horses





EVERYDAY vitamins & minerals



Feeding Instructions


For a 500kg horse, per day: 30g.


For an average pony, per day: 15g. Maximum per day: 30g.


15g measure enclosed in pack.







Technological Additives: Preservatives: Ammonium Propionate-E280- 1,000 mg/kg. Anti-Oxidants: Ascorbic Acid -

E300 - 10mg/kg Nutritional Additives: Vitamins & pro-vitamins: Niacinamide - 9,000mg/kg, Thiamine Mononitrate -

2,000mg/kg, Riboflavin - 2,000mg/kg, Folic Acid - 2,000mg/kg, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride - 2,000mg/kg, d-Calcium

Pantothenate - 900mg/kg, Biotin - 20mg/kg Cyanocobalamin - 4mg/kg, Cholecalciferol - 0.01mg/kg, D-alpha

Tocopherol Acetate - 0.70mg/kg Compounds of Trace Elements: Ferrous Sulphate Monohydrate - 6,000mg/kg, Zinc

Oxide - 6,000mg/kg Manganese Sulphate - 2,000mg/kg, Copper Sulphate - 600mg/kg, Cobalt Carbonate 50mg/kg





Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal, Yeast Culture, Choline Chloride, Vegetable Oil, D-Calcium Pantothenate, Menadione Sodium

Bisulfate Complex, Ethylenediamine Dihydriodide, Sodium Selenite



Pack Sizes :




Six weeks supply for an average horse at 30g.


Three months supply for an average pony at 15g


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