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The EQUILIBRIUM Therapy® Massage Pad

Our horses' backs come under enormous stress as a result of domestication and riding and a sore back can adversely affect your horse's comfort and performance. The EQUILIBRIUM Therapy® Massage Pad works by stimulating the muscles on the horses' back and recent clinical trials demonstrated that it increases back flexibility, lengthens the stride and promotes relaxation.
Shaped to follow the contours of the horses' back and provide coverage from wither to quarters, the pad can be used on all sizes of horse, before or after work or during rehabilitation from injury.
The EQUILIBRIUM Therapy® Massage Pad has three different, easily adjustable programs that allow you to choose the intensity of the massage from low, medium or high. Within each program three different types of massage are used: pulsing, vibration and stroking, to ensure that the muscles are worked in different ways within every session for maximum benefit. Each massage session lasts for 30 minutes and the lightweight rechargeable battery lasts for at least six sessions.
Lightweight, effective and affordable, every horse deserves the benefits of the EQUILIBRIUM Therapy® Massage Pad!

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