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Xtrolyte Blue Electrolytes



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A high performance  cost effective electrolyte liquid designed to replace salts lost through sweat, specially formulated for horses in light to medium work.



Recognised by many top trainers as an essential part of the diet for racehorses fed compound feeds.

Further Info


Xtrolyte Blue Electrolytes


Loss of essential electrolytes may significantly reduce the performance of your horse.



Daily feeding of Xtrolyte Blue produces reserves of electrolytes within the large intestine, helping to speed up recovery after exertion.



Daily feeding of Xtrolyte Blue helps prevent time lost to to fatigue and may help speed up the return to peak condition.



Xtrolyte Blue has been specially designed for horses fed mainly compound feed.



Xtrolyte Blue contains no banned substances at the time of manufacture.


Product Detail


Xtrolyte Blue Electrolytes


Feeding Instructions

Horses & Ponies : 30 /180 ml per day


Ingredients ( per ltr )


Sodium - 24.96, Chloride - 38.4g, Potassium - 5.03, Magnesium - 4.86g, Calcium - 28.8g, Zinc - 4.22g,

Copper - 1mg, Vitamin E - 4g, Selenium - 2.88mg,


Available Sizes


2ltr - ( 66 days supply at maintenance level )


5ltr - ( 166 days supply at maintenance level )


25ltr - ( 830 days supply at maintenance level )


Also available in powder form - click here for details.


Feeding Instructions


Horses & Ponies : 30 /180 ml per day


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