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Equiform Happy Farrier Powder


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This is a powdered version of the popular liquid product, designed to offer increased support for those horses with particularly high demands for hoof support.


Containing key ingredients, vital for hoof development, this product provides many amino acids important for hoof growth as well as the vitamins & minerals required for correct hoof development and growth.

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Equiform Happy Farrier Powder


Hoof problems often occur in horses fed an unbalanced diet. It is therefore important to provide correct levels of the vitamins and minerals required toensure the hoof grows correctly, and is strong enough to withstand the weight of the horse.


Weak hoof walls ultimately place unnecessary strain on the internal structures of the hoof.


With 20mg of Biotin provided per day, this supplement is ideal for those horses with more problematic feet, especially those horses prone to soft & crumbly, or dry & brittle hooves, and those with a tendency to suffer from sand cracks.


By supplementing the diet with a product specifically formulated to meet the requirements for hoof growth many hoof problems may be avoided.

Product Detail


Equiform Happy Farrier Powder


Feeding Rate:
Horses: 30g per horse per day.
Ponies: 15g per horse per day.


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