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Excel Dressage

Excel Dressage is a high performance, broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement specifically designed to provide a calming effect, while also meeting the daily requirements for vitamins and minerals.


Further Information

Excel Dressage is an ideal supplement for horses prone to spookiness when under stress, but that may not need a specific calming product. By supplying optimum levels of vitamins ands minerals,any imbalances in the nervous system mat be alleviated.


Excel Dressage contains high levels of  B group vitamins which ensure optimum absorption of nutrients, allowing for effective delivery of Oxygen to the muscles.


Excell Dressage can be fed continually throughout training, and in combination with either Stay Calm Liquid or Stay Calm Powder.


Excel Dressage provides a balanced supply of nutrients which helps ensure consistency can be maintained.


Excel Dressage contains many calming properties which have proven beneficial to horses prone to stress and excitability during training, competition and travel.


Feeding Instructions


Horses & Ponies : 30ml / 60ml per day


Ingredients ( per ltr )


Vitamin A - 1,365,000iu, Vitamin D3 - 120,000iu, Vitamin E - 15,000mg, Vitamin C - 12,000mg, Vitamin B1 - 356mg,

VitaminB2 - 500mg, Vitamin B6 - 1.26g, Vitamin B12 - 1.96mg, Pantothenic Acid - 400mg, Folic Acid - 400mg,

Nicotinamide 1800mg, Vitamin K - 104mg, Iron - 9.75g, Iron Bioplex - 200mg, Omega 3 Oils - 90ml, Magnesium - 3.5g

Iodine - 51mg, Cobalt - 20mg, Selenium - 20mg, Choline2.85mg, Biotin - 50mg, Sodium - 1.17g, Lysine - 5500mg,

Methionine - 4400mg, Copper - 1000mg, Copper Bioplex - 500mg, Manganese- 449mg, Manganese Bioplex 200mg,

Zinc - 1g, Zinc Bioplex - 300mg, Tryptophan - 100mg.


Pack Sizes

2ltr - approx. 33 days supply

5ltr - approx. 83 days supply





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