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Activated Excel Extra



Activated Excel Extra is a high performance premium vitamin and mineral supplement fortified with Cytozyme Ration Plus, a proven gut balancer and is ideal for horses and ponies prone to digestive stress.


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Activated Excel Extra ensures maximum utilisation of nutrients from the Equine's feed, helping to maintain optimum health and performance.



Activated Excel Extra contains Cytozyme Ration Plus, a proven Liquid lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product, helping to maintain the environment for beneficial microorganisms in the hindgut.



Activated Excel Extra allows effective metabolism of fat, protein and carbohydrate in addition to ensuring effective use of oxygen, which ensures maximum muscle activity.



Activated Excel Extra contains protected minerals, for increased bioavailability, ensuring the horse and pony receives supplementary minerals in a form that is close to those provided by forage.



Activated Excel Extra is ideal for horses that need that 'extra something' and can be fed continually throughout training and competition.



Activated Excel Extra provides a fully balanced and palatable supplement, allowing your horse or pony to reach it's full potential.



Feeding Instructions


Horses & Ponies, 30ml / 60ml per day


Ingredients (per ltr)



Vitamin A - 1,140,000iu, Vitamin D3 - 120,000iu, Vitamin E - 14,000mg, Vitamin C - 14,000mg, Calcium - 1.33g,

Vitamin B1 - 356mg, Vitamin B2 - 480mg, Vitamin B6 - 701mg, Pantothenic Acid - 400mg, Vitamin B12 - 2mg,

Folic Acid - 400mg, Nicotinamide - 1500mg, Vitamin K - 100mg, Iron - 7.8g, Iron Bioplex - 2g, Magnesium - 3.5g,

Iodine - 50mg, Cobalt - 16.7mg, Selenium - 20mg, Choline 2.8g, Biotin -34mg, Sodium - 1.17g, Lysine - 5500mg,

Metheonine - 4400mg, Copper - 1g, Copper Bioplex - 200mg, Manganese - 390mg, Manganese Bioplex - 100mg,

Zinc - 800mg, Zinc Bioplex 200mg, Ration Plus – 96ml



Available Sizes



2ltr - (approx. 60 days supply at maintenance level)

5ltr - (approx.166 days supply at maintenance level)



Equiform Activated Excel Extra does not contain any banned substances at the time of manufacture.


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