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For all Old Age Performers, In the Pink Senior is specially formulated to meet all the nutritional requirements of the older horse and is designed to give him all the support he needs to stay active and feeling forever young.


In the Pink Senior helps balance the diet and the digestive system, which enables the horse to maximise the value of his feed intake. It provides pre and probiotics for optimum support of the gut, and supplies all the vitamins and minerals required by the older horse for all round health.


In the Pink Senior also supplies a unique combination of naturally sourced antioxidant ingredients to flush excess free radicals from the system, as well as providing nutrients to support joint health. Specially chosen herbs support a youthful spark.


In the Pink Senior is recommended for all older horses and ponies, whether signs of age are obvious or not.


Further Detail

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Feeding guidelines


Weight g per day scoops per day
Horses Concentrated use 40 4
  Feed balancer 30 3
Ponies Concentrated use 30 3
  Feed balancer 20 2

Add to daily feed ration.



Key Ingredients


Wheatfeed, Dicalcium phosphate, Maize, Brewers' yeast, Gingko leaves, Ginseng (Siberian), Methyl sulphonyl methane, Glucosamine, Bitter orange peel (ripe), Whey protein powder, White mineral oil, Rosehip shells, Sodium chloride, Fructo-oligosaccharides,Whey powder, Wheat protein, Magnesium oxide.




Biotin 19.6 mg
Calcium-D-pantothenate 326 mg
Choline chloride 3923 mg
Folic acid 98 mg
Nicotinic acid 287 mg
Vitamin A 196155 I.U.
Vitamin B1 163 mg
Vitamin B12 3.26 mg
Vitamin B2 163 mg
Vitamin B6 130 mg
Vitamin D3 65385 I.U.
Vitamin E 8764 mg
Vitamin K 261 mg
Digestibility enhancer  
Saccharomyces cerevisiae CBS 493.94 E 4a1704 3.46 x 10^10 cfu


Trace Elements


Iron 3923 mg/kg
Zinc 3923 mg/kg
Copper 2541 mg/kg
Manganese 1307 mg/kg
Cobalt 32.6 mg/kg
Iodine 19.6 mg/kg
Selenium 2.61 mg/kg




Protein 12.9%
Fat 3.8%
Ash 20.6%
Crude Fibre 9.6%
Sodium 5150 mg/kg
Calcium 40290 mg/kg
Phosphorous 32600 mg/kg
Magnesium 2340 mg/kg


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Nutritional support of the gut is the cornerstone of health and vitality in horses, and will be reflected as a horse in perfect condition. In The Pink Powder is the concentrated feed balancer with live probiotic yeast for perfect condition. The modern equine life of processed diets, regular competition, work and travel can lead to both nervous and metabolic stress, seen as a lack of condition.


In The Pink Powder is one of the most advanced nutritional preparations available today to improve the diet of sport and leisure horses. It is a unique, concentrated feed balancer, formulated using live yeasts and probiotics and designed to optimise gut function and the natural digestive process. This enables the horse to fully utilize his diet and maintain perfect condition. Plus, because it contains high quality vitamins, minerals and micronutrients, it supports perfect health, vitality and performance.

The “Pick-me-Up” 
At some time all horses will need a “leg-up” back to peak health. Anti-biotic therapy, a change of stabling, different diet or physical trauma can have debilitating effects on the micro-organisms of the gut and, hence, condition and performance.


Feed Pink Powder as a 30 day “pick-me-up” to kick-start the digestive system. Following a month’s concentrated use maintain perfect condition by feeding Pink Powder at the Feed Balancer levels.

Further Detail

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Feeding guidelines


Weight g per day scoops per day
Horses Concentrated use 32 4
  Feed balancer 16-24 2-3
Ponies Concentrated use 24 3
  Feed balancer 16 2

Add to daily feed ration. A 1.4kg pot fed at 24g per day will last approximately 60 days.



Key Ingredients


Wheat feed, Dicalcium phosphate, Maize, Brewers' yeast, Whey protein powder, Bitter orange peel (ripe), Soya oil, Sodium chloride, Fructo-oligosaccharides, Whey powder, Rapeseed oil, Wheat protein, Maltodextrin, Beetroot juice, Magnesium oxide.




Trace Elements  
Calcium iodate, anhydrous E3 (22.8 mg) 14.7 mg Iodine
Cupric sulphate, pentahydrate E 4 (14,800 mg) 3,740 mg Copper
Ferrous sulphate, monohydrate E 1 (7,380 mg) 2,210 mg Iron
Manganous oxide E 5 (2,380 mg) 1,480 mg Manganese
Selenised yeast inactivated E 3b8.10 (5,900 mg) 5.9 mg Selenium
Zinc oxide E 6 (4,100 mg) 2,950 mg Zinc
Biotin 23.6 mg
Choline chloride 1,480 mg
Folic acid 110 mg
Nicotinic acid 653 mg
Pantothenic Acid 369 mg
Vitamin A E 672 221,000 I.U
Vitamin B12 2.45 mg
Vitamin B2 246 mg
Vitamin B6 147 mg
Vitamin D3 E 671 36,900 I.U.
Vitamin E 3a700 16,400 I.U.
Vitamin K 125 mg
Digestibility enhancer  
Saccharomyces cerevisiae NCYC Sc47 4b1702 4.01 x 10(11) cfu




Protein 15.0%
Fat 5.1%
Ash 23.5%
Crude Fibre 10.6%
Sodium 6210 mg/kg
Calcium 48600 mg/kg
Phosphorous 39200 mg/kg
Magnesium 2820 mg/kg


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Weight: 9kg
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TopSpec All in One


All-in-One is a caramel flavoured, granular supplement that contains a top specification, broad-spectrum supplement plus many specialised supplements, for example, a superb hoof supplement, generous levels of anti-oxidants and sophisticated digestive aids.


This means that it is the most fully-comprehensive supplement you can buy and it can successfully be fed to every horse or pony on your yard.


All-in-One is the outstanding multi-supplement that we put into Comprehensive Feed Balancer, therefore they should not be fed together.



Further Info

  • A fully comprehensive range of micro-nutrients included at the optimum levels needed to balance feed intake in the most demanding or stressful situations.
  • Effective levels of biotin (15mg/500kg horse/day), which, in association with the methionine, lysine, calcium, zinc, copper, iodine and vitamin A present, will greatly improve hoof quality. Certain of these nutrients also promote supple skin and a very shiny coat.
  • Powerful levels of vitamin E and selenium, vital anti-oxidants, important for muscle metabolism, for horses on high oil rations and for breeding stock.
  • Methionine and lysine plus minerals, vitamins and trace-elements for optimum muscle and bone development and repair.
  • Raised levels of copper, zinc and B vitamins and considered levels of iron, important for blood-building.
  • Effective levels of calcium, phosphorous, copper and zinc to help develop and maintain strong bone.
  • Generous levels of B vitamins, vital for efficient energy metabolism in the high performance horse, and important for horses with compromised hindgut function.


Two yeast products to create a healthy gut environment, improve fibre digestibility and digestive efficiency plus maintain a healthy immune system:-


  • A pure, protected yeast. Research has shown that this excellent form of yeast can significantly improve feed and fibre digestibility in the horse. This allows horses to gain more benefit from the fibrous parts of their diet.
  • A mannan oligosaccharide (MOS). This is a natural component of yeast cell walls. It bonds with pathogenic (bad) bacteria, removing them from the gut, leaving the beneficial bacteria free to multiply.



  • All-in-One supplement is a suitable supplement for horses and ponies prone to, being treated for, or recovering from laminitis. However, we would normally recommend TopSpec AntiLam, which is pelleted onto a high-fibre base and is very palatable.
  • All-in-One is available in 4kg, 9kg, and 20kg containers. The 4kg tub will last a 500kg horse (e.g. a 15.3hh middleweight) for 40 days. When fed at half the recommended rate, All-in-One serves as a top specification, broad-spectrum supplement and a 4kg tub will last a 500kg horse for 80 days. The 9kg and 20kg tubs save 25% and 40% respectively, compared to the small tub RRP.
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Providing over 25 key vitamins, minerals and trace elements, together with probiotics and prebiotics, Everyday Vitamins and Minerals are the ideal way to help ensure optimum health and performance in horses and ponies on forage-based diets, or low intakes of concentrate feed.

Further Detail


Forage should form the basis of all equine diets, but many pastures are low in key minerals, and preserved forages such as hay and haylages can lose much of their vitamin content with drying and storage.  Many horses and ponies do not need the extra calories from fortified concentrate feed, and this can mean that their forage-based diet may be low in key minerals and vitamins.


Everyday Vitamins and Minerals provide a cost-effective, simple way to provide important micronutrients such as vitamin A for the immune system, healthy skin and vision, Vitamin D for strong bones, the  antioxidant Vitamin E for muscle health,  and B complex vitamins for blood health, immune boosting, and helping body cells to work correctly.


Important minerals including calcium and phosphorus help build and maintain strong bones and muscles, and magnesium helps nerves to work correctly.


Trace elements including copper, zinc, manganese, iodine, selenium and iron all play important roles in bones, muscles, and maintaining health and vitality.


Probiotics and prebiotics included in Everyday Vitamins and Minerals help maintain a healthy gut microflora, which is  vital for keeping the immune system working, to produce energy to provide body heat to keep horses and ponies warm, and to digest fibre to produce energy used to maintain bodyweight and to work.


Everyday Vitamins and Minerals is carefully blended on a palatable alfalfa base, which also provides important amino acids, together with seaweed, a natural source of many nutrients.


Available 1.5kg - 30 days supply

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Ready to use, with linseed (flax) oil and black pepper already included!


Equine America Turmeric Plus is a unique blend of high quality turmeric, typically providing at least 3% of active curcumin, with highly palatable, cooked, full fat linseed meal, so there is no need to add further linseed (flax) oil!


Ground black pepper, providing the active compound piperine is also already included, at levels thought to enhance the absorption of the curcumin. 



Turmeric, containing the active compound curcumin, is thought to provide support for joints and mobility, as well as digestion and immune function.



Full Fat linseed meal contains high levels of oil to help absorption of the curcumin, as well as providing important omega 3 fatty acids.  



Black pepper, contains the active compound piperine, and as well as enhancing the absorption of curcumin  and other nutrients,  may help support immune function.



Turmeric Xtra - the natural, easy way to help support general health and mobility in all horses and ponies.


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A broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement formulated for the horse or pony in light-to-moderate work.


A high fibre diet is natural to the horse, mimicking the continual grazing that his gut evolved to thrive on. Fibre provides slow release energy, ideal for maintaining condition. For this reason, many leisure horses will receive adequate energy for work and to maintain condition from grazing and forage alone.


However, fibre alone is unlikely to provide all the micro-nutrients required for health and vitality. Vitamins and minerals are particularly likely to be low in preserved forage, such as hay or haylage, and where grazing is less than optimum, such as closely grazed paddocks, fast growing grass and in areas of high rainfall.

General Purpose Supplement provides a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals for health and vitality. Designed to complement the high fibre, low concentrate diet, General Purpose Supplement is ideal for all horses and ponies receiving less than manufacturer’s recommended rates of hard feed.

Further Detail

Feeding guidelines


Weight g per day scoops per day
Horses Working 60-75 2-2.5
  Resting 30-60 1-2
Ponies Working 30-60 1-2
  Resting 30 1


Add daily to feed. Brood mares: recommended to feed NAF Mare, Foal & Youngstock Supplement. One 50ml scoop provides approx. 30g General Purpose Supplement.


Key Ingredients 


Wheatfeed, Dicalcium phosphate, Maize, Brewers' yeast, Whey protein powder, Sodium chloride, Whey powder, Magnesium oxide.




Trace Elements
Basic cobaltous carbonate,
50 mg Cobalt
Calcium iodate, anhydrous 30 mg Iodine
Cupric sulphate, pentahydrate 150 mg Copper
Ferrous sulphate,
6000 mg Iron
Manganous oxide 2000 mg Manganese
Sodium selenite 4 mg Selenium
Zinc oxide 6000 mg Zinc




Biotin 30 mg
Calcium-D-pantothenate 500 mg
Choline chloride 6000 mg
Folic acid 150 mg
Nicotinic acid 440 mg
Vitamin A 300000 I.U.
Vitamin B1 250 mg
Vitamin B12 5 mg
Vitamin B2 250 mg
Vitamin B6 200 mg
Vitamin D3 10000 I.U.
Vitamin E 1200 mg
Vitamin K 400mg




Protein 10.1%
Fat 4.0%
Ash 28.6%
Crude Fibre 14.0%
Sodium 7870 mg/kg
Calcium 61600 mg/kg
Phosphorous 48200 mg/kg


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Weight: 3kg
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For those horses and ponies who live on fresh air, it can be a struggle to keep their weight under control. The obvious answer is to reduce their feed intake, however, this could result in vitamin and mineral deficiencies.This is where Slim comes into its own.


Slim is a natural and highly palatable weight management supplement, designed to provide essential micronutrients to those individuals on a restricted diet. The unique blend of ingredients work in synergy with metabolism boosting marine extracts to provide essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, all sourced from nature.


Slim works to promote wellbeing for good do’ers while supporting healthy weight loss the natural way. Slim should be used in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet and suitable exercise regime.

Further Detail

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Feeding Instructions


  Weight g per day scoops per day
Horses 600 Kg+ 165 3
  400-600 Kg 110 2
  Up to 400Kg 55 1


One 90ml scoop provides approx. 55g.


Gluten and cereal free.


Feed to promote a healthy body condition score, and support insulin action and normal blood glucose levels in horses & ponies prone to weight gain.


Key Ingredients


Grass meal, Seaweed meal, Sunflower seed, Orange peel (ripe), Carrot (dried), Rosehip shells, Magnesium oxide, Turmeric, Mint, Blackberry leaves, Rapeseed oil, Blueberries.


Analytical constituents


Crude protein 9.9 %
Crude oils and fats 4.6 %
Crude ash 15.0 %
Crude fibre 33.9 %
Sodium 12,590 mg/kg
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Weight: 3kg
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Blue Chip Super Concentrated Daily Health Balancer 

is designed to maintain great daily health in all horses and ponies.  Combining carefully formulated levels of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients, along with a complete hoof and respiratory formula, it also provides a digestive supplement that includes both a probiotic and Nucleotides which aid nutrient absorption, recovery rates and immune response, ensuring your horse or pony has everything they require on a daily basis.

Further Detail




Double-action digestive supplement
Combining a high concentration of probiotic with nucleotides. Proven to increase forage digestibility by up to 100% in a study conducted by Hartpury College.


Soya oil and linseed oil – natural, vegetable sources of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Combined with zinc the oils ensure healthy, scurf-free skin and a glossy, gleaming coat.


A complete hoof supplement with biotin, methionine, lysine, organic zinc and organic copper for the formation of strong, pliable, good quality hooves.


A complete respiratory supplement with antioxidants, menthol, eucalyptus and garlic to soothe the airways and maintain lung health and integrity.


Selenium, Vitamin C and Vitamin E to aid the ‘mopping up’ of free radicals and promote a healthy immune system. Blue Chip uses naturally sourced, fruit derived Vitamin E, which is 4-6 times more bioavailable than the Vitamin E found in most feed products.


As well as forming a key part of the double-action digestive supplement, nucleotides are essential building blocks of DNA and RNA and are therefore essential to every cell in the body. Nucleotides help support immunity, stamina, cell replication and repair of cell damage.


Magnesium is included to keep horses and ponies calm and stress free. In addition the digestive supplement will settle the digestive system ensuring horses feel comfortable and relaxed.


Complete vitamin, mineral and nutrient package This ensures the correct functioning of the metabolic system, central nervous system, immune system, proper growth rates, bone strength and joint health. Blue Chip uses organic/chelated minerals to ensure optimum absorption and effectiveness.

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The purest form of salt you can give your horse. Natural and as pure as the day it was mined high up in the Himalayan mountains.


Horses and ponies require supplementary salt on a daily basis. Research shows that salt is the one nutrient that horses will self-supplement to balance their diet.


Himalayan Salt Licks hung in the stable and field allow access to the purest form of salt, without unnatural flavours that can encourage greediness!


Note: These licks vary in weight between 2.5kg and 3.0kg

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Garlic Granules 1kg refill pack



Trusted by you, chosen by us, 100% pure garlic granules.



One of the best known herbs in the world, garlic’s use for health support dates back to Roman times.



NAF Garlic Granules have been chosen for their purity and strength.

£11.99 £7.99 (Tax Exempt)
Weight: 1Kgkg
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