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Science Supplements - FlexAbility


FlexAbility is the only joint supplement on the market with two clinical and scientific studies demonstrating the positive effects and results.


The findings of the latest study were accepted and presented at the British Equine Veterinary Association Congress in 2013 by Dr Rachel Murray, an internationally recognised equine orthopaedic clinician and researcher.


Our clinical trials suggest for stiff horses, 6-7 out of 10 fed FlexAbility will show a positive response within 14 days. Formulated for maximum effect with superior levels of active ingredients and scientifically evaluated.

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Science Supplements - FlexAbility



A high specification supplement that provides declared levels of key nutrients involved in cartilage synthesis and protection using a unique combination and optimal levels of scientifically proven ingredients, including glucosamine, low molecular weight chondroitin, MSM, omega 3 fatty acids DHA & EPA and vitamin C. Low dust, highly palatable and tested to be free from the prohibited substances caffeine, theobromine, hyoscine, hordenine, morphine and atropine



Wear and tear on the skeletal system particularly the joints occurs both as the result of exercise training and simply as part of the ageing process. A key factor in maintaining joint health and function is an adequate supply of the nutritional building blocks needed to support cartilage turnover and joint lubrication. FlexAbility helps to promote and maintain normal mobility and joint function, is suitable for all horses and ponies and provides nutrient support for joints against the rigours of training and competition. It can also help to maintain normal mobility and joint function in older animals



Suitable for all horses and ponies to provide nutrient support for joints against the rigours of training and competition, can help to maintain normal mobility and joint function in older animals and for use in young animals to support joint protection. FlexAbility is also suitable for use in animals with existing joint injury or disease



Simply add to feed, ideally split between meals. Feed at loading rate for 14 days then reduce to the maintenance rate. Effects can be seen in as little as 7 days, but normally by 10-14 days. What to expect: freer movement, longer stride, less stiffness, increased rolling, more athleticism



Science Supplements - FlexAbility


Active Ingredient Levels 100g of FlexAbility delivers:


MSM 13.5g Glucosamine 10g Chondroitin Sulphate 8.5g Vitamin C 4.2g DHA 3.5g EPA 1.8g



Available Sizes   1.4kg 8kg


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It Works!


Science Supplements - FlexAbility


I use FlexAbility as both maintenance support, prevention and also a bit of an extra boost to the joints of all my dressage horses.

I have seen incredible results,including literally saving the life of a 30 year old pony - the pony was living on pain - killers,hobbling around and could hardly pick up her feet for the farrier. Since she has been on FlexAbility, she has been happily trotting around and even back giving kids rides around the farm.

Hannah Biggs - International Dressage Rider


I have seen a huge difference in my horses performance since switching to this product. My boy is a sensitive 18 year old thoroughbred with the start of arthritis in his hocks and has been on a another joint supplement for years. A few years of intermittent lameness led me to seek an alternative supplement. We haven't looked back since switching to Flexibility and have seen an increase in his dressage marks and our confidence sore. So much so my even older 21 year old mare has come out of retirement and is enjoying a second wind with her dressage career too since putting her on this supplement as well.

Love this product. (Review by EmmaW)  


I am just writing to let you know you have done it again ...! A while ago, FlexAbility got my horse T-Jay sounder than he was on bute. For a number of reasons, I had to stop FlexAbiliy partly due to cost and partly as T-Jay entered semi retirement. Although, I'm pleased to say the level of soundness achieve with FlexAbility was maintained with a lower spec supplement until recently. T-Jay has recently been diagnosed with spavins as welll as his existing arthritis in his forelegs and whilst his hinds have responded well to increased work (sorry T-Jay, semi retirement over) his forelegs have started to struggle and he has once again gone lame in front. T-Jay started FlexAbility 7 days ago and last night was the first night we have trotted since starting it. Whilst stil not 100%, the difference in him is HUGE. I'm looking forward to seeing if there is any further improvement. I suspect there will be as he isn't on the loading dose (9 scoops is just too much for me to disguise as he doesn't get a great deal of bucket food). So thank you once again and T-Jay is definitely now back on FlexAbility full time.

Emmie Foxhall


A number of people on the yard have also been impressed with the improvement in him and are going away to consider buying it. Thanks again, Emmie I've been using this supplement for just over a year now and have seen a brilliant improvement in the stiffness of my horses hock joints. A lot of friends swear by this as well for their horses, so we can't all be wrong!! I've even been told that humans use it, although I personally haven't and not sure that I would, but it's still a great endorsement!

Debbie Carrol-Beer  

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TopSpec Joint Feed Balancer 


Joint Feed Balancer combines the benefit of a top specification conditioning feed balancer (TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer) and a joint supplement. It is a superb product for a wide variety of horses, from those working very hard to those on box-rest. Joint Feed Balancer is a very palatable ‘Non-Heating’ feed which can be fed on its own or with additional feed where extra condition is required. Joint Feed Balancer is formulated without cereal grains and provides only low levels of sugar and starch.


Joint Feed Balancer includes the scientifically recommended rate of glucosamine in a daily quantity of feed to support healthy joints. This rate is 10 grams of glucosamine/500kg horse/day.


Joint Feed Balancer is also rich in the building blocks for hyaluronic acid (HA) and chondroitin. The complete molecules of HA and chondroitin themselves are too large to be absorbed in any significant quantity from the horses gut. These glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) are essential constituents of synovial fluid.


High levels of manganese and vitamin C are also included as they are important for cartilage synthesis.


Joint Feed Balancer also contains a little MSM and other bio-available sources of sulphur which help to maintain optimum function in tissues such as tendons, ligaments and muscles.


Joint Feed Balancer contains a blend of anti-oxidants, including vitamins A, C and E to combat excess free-radicals around the joints.Feeding Joint Feed Balancer helps to support muscle function and repair and will help to promote condition and topline. The formula includes a high specification broad-spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement suitable for horses in all levels of work. It also includes a highly effective hoof supplement, which provides 15mg biotin per 500kg horse per day, which promotes a supple skin and a shiny coat.


TopSpec Joint Feed Balancer contains optimum levels of pre- and probiotics to support a healthy digestive system in horses that are working hard, travelling, competing or otherwise stressed.


The superb specification of Joint Feed Balancer allows horses to utilise far more nutrients from the forage and straights in their diet, which usually means that their hard feed intake can be reduced with many resulting benefits.

Further Info

TopSpec Joint Feed Balancer 

  • A complete range of the micro-nutrients needed to balance feed and improve its utilisation, even in the most demanding or stressful situations.
  • Glucosamine, amino acids, complex carbohydrates, anti-oxidants plus a little MSM to help maintain healthy joints.
  • Powerful levels of Vitamin E and selenium, vital anti-oxidants, to neutralise the presence of excess free-radicals and, together with high quality protein, to optimise muscle development and function.
  • The level of biotin (15mg/500kg horse/day) that is scientifically proven to improve hoof quality, plus the levels of methionine, cysteine, lysine, calcium, zinc, copper, iodine, vitamin A and soya oil known to improve the efficiency of biotin alone. Many of these nutrients also promote supple skin and a shiny coat.Effective levels of protein, vitamins, calcium, phosphorous, copper, zinc and manganese to develop and maintain strong bond.
  • Effective levels of protein, vitamins, calcium, phosphorous, copper, zinc and manganese to develop and maintain strong bone.
  • Raised levels of copper, zinc, B vitamins and associated nutrients to optimise haemoglobin levels in blood.
  • Generous levels of B vitamins for efficiency energy metabolism, vital for horses with compromised hindgut function.
  • Two advanced probiotic substances to create a healthy gut environment, optimise fibre digestibility and maintain a healthy immune system.
  • Organic chelated minerals for improved availability.
  • Many factors to help calm certain horses.




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Cortaflex® HA Regular Solution is a complementary feed for horses to support and help maintain healthy joints as part of a balanced diet. 


Key features:

  • Comprehensive support - ideal for any horse
  • Cortaflex is the world's no.1 joint care range  
  • Taste neutral - perfect for fussy horses

Further Detail


Legendary. Cortaflex® HA Regular Solution provides complete joint support from multiple angles. More than 2 million units sold – Cortaflex is a name you can trust.



At it’s core, the combination of MSM, type 2 collagen and manganese combine to reinforce joint cartilage through a three-pronged approach. Type 2 collagen provides the structural framework for cartilage development. Manganese is a co-factor for glucosamine production, a structural sub unit, that, with the help of MSM’s sulphur, combine to form glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) which bind to the collagen matrix to form strong but functional cartilage.


Hyaluronic acid is another GAG which specifically aids synovial fluid viscosity, supports articular cartilage elasticity and assists lubrication between articular cartilage surfaces.    


Antioxidants are important where mobility is concerned. MSM contributes to glutathione production, a master antioxidant very well suited to inhibiting free radicals. The trace metal copper acts as a co-factor for many antioxidant enzymes that the body creates.


Inflammation is often a leading cause of poor joint health. Research suggests low vitamin B6 can exacerbate the issue, hence the addition of this essential vitamin.


Silicon is an important mineral, key to supporting mineral absorption and beneficial for bone and connective tissue health.


For horses in regular competition work or in need of the greatest support, we recommend using Cortaflex HA Super Fenn.


Sizes : 1ltr - 5ltr - also available in powder - 250g, 500g, 900g & 3.6kg


Cortaflex HA Regular Solution * Please select size
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Breathing Banner


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Respiratory stress is a common fact of life for the modern horse. Stabling, forage and indoor schools can all harbour dust and fungal spores which accumulate in and irritate the sensitive lining of the lungs and respiratory tract.


In the wild, horses had free access to a wide range of herbs, shrubs and trees that they could self select to meet their requirements. With the limited species variation in modern pasture, this is no longer possible. NAF Easy Breathing Liquid is designed to improve the diet by re-introducing natural herbal variation in order to support lung health.


NAF Easy Breathing Liquid includes althea, garlic and aniseed, all well known for their traditional roles in a healthy respiratory system.


NAF Easy Breathing Liquid is suitable for the maintenance of healthy lungs in all horses and ponies.


For optimum lung function see Respirator Boost and Respirator.

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Horses and ponies on restricted grass intake require additional support to remain fit and healthy.


Laminaze is a unique blend of over 40 ingredients combining with key gut support, bio-available sulphur and targeted nutrients, in a palatable formula to maintain hoof health and improve their diet and lifestyle.


Prebiotics and live probiotics are included for their ability to a stable, healthy gut environment.


Naturally sourced antioxidants are present to support the liver. Bio-available sulphur (MSM) is recommended for supporting healthy hoof growth and strong sulphur bonds within the laminae.


Laminaze contains all the key nutrients for optimal dietary support, especially around the time of year when spring and autumn flushes of grass occur.

Further Detail

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Feeding guidelines


Weight g per day scoops per day
Horses & Ponies    
Loading (7 - 10days) 50-75 2-3
Daily 25-50 1-2


Maintenance level may be adjusted depending on the individual rather than body size of horse or pony. Preferably add to last evening feed as better absorption is achieved through the resting period.


Key Ingredients

Products from processing herbs, Methyl sulphonyl methane, Mint, Brewers’ yeast, Magnesium Oxide, Products from processing plants, White mineral oil, Vegetal carbon, Calcium Carbonate, Oligofructose (dried), Saccharomyces cerevisiae extract, Wheat protein (hydrolysed), Fructo-oligosaccharides.



Zinc sulphate, monohydrate (E6) 360 mg, Vitamin A (E672) 35,700 I.U, Vitamin D (E671) 5,240 I.U, Boswellia serrata extract, Bentonite-montmorillonite (E558) 190,000 mg, Saccharomyces cerevisiae CBS 493.94 (E4a1704) 8.6 x 1010 cfu.



Protein 16.5%
Oils and Fats 3.5%
Ash 28.1%
Crude Fibre 16.7%
Sodium 2490 mg/kg


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NAF Five Star Superflex is unique and has a totally natural formula which has been developed by top vet’s using the latest cutting edge, premium grade,  fully traceable ingredients – including nutrients proven to support joint flexibility which in turn are supported by a powerful combination of naturally sourced ingredients selected for their rich anti – oxidant properties - it is  for these reasons that NAF Five Star Superflex is set apart from other joint formulaes.


NAF Five Star Superflex has full vet approval, plus it is the product of choice of many British Team Riders – so take their advice and give your horses joints the five star treatment they deserve.


NAF Five Star Superflex The No1 Joint Supplement – recommended by Vet’s & top riders

Further Detail

Feeding Guidelines


Weight g per day scoops per day
Horses 13 3
Loading (3-10 days) 25 6
Ponies 8 2

Maintenance levels may be adjusted to suit the individual and are not necessarily related to bodyweight.


Key Ingredients 


Glucosamine, Methyl sulphonyl methane, Product from the processing of plants, White mineral oil, Chondroitin sulphate, Hyaluronic acid.




Protein 21.4%
Fat 0.2%
Ash 1.2%
Crude Fibre 1.1%
Sodium 420 mg/kg


Superflex Powder * Please Select Size
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NAF Five Star Superflex The No1 Joint Supplement – recommended by Vet’s & top riders




Five Star Superflex is the right combination; a scientifically balanced ratio of readily absorbed Glucosamine and Chondroitin, the highest quality MSM plus the added benefits of a powerful anti-oxidant formula, exclusively designed to address excess free radical build up around the joint.


Further Info

NAF Superflex Banner



Horses’ joints have to cope with extreme forces and it is commonly the cartilage that is the first part to show wear and tear. The key cartilage nutrients, Glucosamine Sulphate, MSM, Chondroitin Sulphate and Hyaluronic acid (HA) are well known for their support for the health of both cartilage, and the thick synovial fluid that oils the joint.



Research recommends that feeding a combination of the key nutrients allows them to work together more effectively than any one nutrient alone. Getting the combination right is crucial.



Five Star Superflex contains the right combination of key nutrients in the optimum ratios, developed over twenty five years of working with sound horses.



Naturally sourced antioxidants are also included to work synergistically with Glucosamine and MSM to support joint health.

DetailIngredients Composition Water, Glucosamine, Methyl sulphonyl methane, Chondroitin sulphate, Hyaluronic acid. Additives (per litre) Sensory Dan

NAF Superflex Banner






Composition Water, Glucosamine, Methyl sulphonyl methane, Chondroitin sulphate, Hyaluronic acid. Additives (per litre) Sensory Dandelion fluid extract 3.68ml Licorice 2.21ml Milk thistle 6.63ml Rose (rosehip) 5.89ml Analytical constituents Crude protein 5.8 % Crude oils and fats 0.1 % Crude ash 4.7 % Crude fibre 0.3 % Moisture 67.3 % Sodium 850 mg/kg Store in a dry place at room temperature.


Replace lid after use.


A complementary feed for equine use only



Feeding Instructions


Feed Superflex for healthy flexible joints.


Maintenance levels may be adjusted to suit the individual and are not necessarily related to bodyweight.


A 1L bottle fed at 25ml per day will last approximately 40 days.


Key Ingredients per 50ml Loading rate Glucosamine sulphate 2KCI 10,000 mg MSM 5,500 mg Antioxidants (plant based) 1,100 μl Chondroitin sulphate 314 mg Hyaluronic acid 18 mg


Horses & Ponies Loading rate (3-10 days) 50ml Maintenance 25ml Low maintenance


Available Sizes (click on size for further detail)





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Naf Five Star OPTIMUM is an exciting, new generation feed balancer that will restore and maintain five star condition,boost topline and health and maximise the nutritional value of your horse’s feed.



Feeding Naf Five Star OPTIMUM as part of your horse’s daily diet allows you to feed him as naturally as possible while improving his condition and well-being, OPTIMUM is also a natural, sugar – free option making it a healthy choice.



OPTIMUM provides gut support designed to address all aspects of digestive health. It includes prebiotics, herbal support and multi-source antacids to mop up excess acids throughout the digestive tract. This makes it the perfect option for all horses, ponies and donkeys with signs of gut upset or stress, both common causes of poor condition.

Further Info



Five Reasons to Feed NAF Five Star OPTIMUM



  • OPTIMUM ‘s unique pelleted formula is designed to optimise your horse’s daily diet.



  • OPTIMUM will restore and maintain five-star condition,topline and health ; it will maximise the nutritional value of the daily feed ration and optimise the health and efficiency of the digestive system.


  • OPTIMUM is formulated to complement either, a high fibre, low concentrate or performance diet. When  a daily feed is not necessary, OPTIMUM can be simply given on its own, directly from your hand if you choose!


  • Concentrated and easy to feed, OPTIMUM comes in a highly palatable pellet form – it is of the highest supplement specification and has a great, sugar-free flavour.


  • OPTIMUM is the product of choice for every horse, from family pony to top class performance athlete.





Why Gut Health Matters


The health of the horse’s gut is crucial to his overall health and well – being.



We know that by optimising gut health and digestive efficiency we allow the horseto fully utilise his diet and that this is clearly reflected in his general health and coat shine.




OPTIMUM Balancer provides the highest level of nutritional support and broadest spectrum of beneficial nutrients available to improve the gut function of fit, healthy horse’s and ponies.




OPTIMUM includes a strain of live probiotic yeast and the unique digestive clay bentonite montmorillonite – this mops up excess acids and toxins and stabilises excess digestive reactions. OPTIMUM provides more bentonite on a daily basis than any other formula currently available.




OPTIMUM provides the key antacid, calcium carbonate, for horses and ponies with excess levels of acid within the gut, plus herbs including ginger, liquorice and mint.




OPTIMUM provides a broad spectrum of all essential vitamins, minerals and key amino acids, plus naturally sourced antioxidants and linseed oil, a natural source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for general health and vitality.




As well as boosting your horse or pony’s vitality, the additional oil in OPTIMUM helps to create a fabulous, glossy coat ensuring he looks and feels good inside and out.










Feeding Guidelines    :     


Large Horses : (600kg+)         :           150g per day

  Horses             : (400kg – 600kg)        100g per day

  Ponies              : (up to 400kg)               50g per day




Key Ingredients          :          

Amino   acids



 dl-Methionine (3.1.1) 1010 mg, l-Lysine   monohydrochloride (3.2.3) 2020 mg.



Trace   elements



 Calcium   iodate, anhydrous (E 2, 4.03 mg Iodine) 6.24 mg, Cupric sulphate,   pentahydrate (E 4, 181 mg Copper) 725 mg, Ferrous sulphate, monohydrate (E 1,   604 mg Iron) 2020 mg, Manganous oxide (E 5, 403 mg Manganese) 650 mg,   Selenised yeast inactivated (3b8.10, 1.61 mg Selenium) 1610 mg, Zinc oxide (E   6, 806 mg Zinc) 1120 mg.






Biotin 6.44 mg, Choline chloride 403 mg, Folic   acid 30.2 mg, Nicotinic acid 178 mg, Pantothenic Acid 100 mg, Vitamin A (E   672) 60500 I.U., Vitamin B1 100 mg, Vitamin B12 671 ?g, Vitamin B2 67.3 mg,   Vitamin B6 40.3 mg, Vitamin D3 (E 671) 10100 I.U., Vitamin E (3a700) 1710   I.U., Vitamin K 34.2 mg.


 Bentonite-montmorillonite (E 558) 216000 mg.

Digestibility   enhancer

Saccharomyces cerevisiae NCYC Sc47 (4b1702) 9.6 x   1010 cfu.

















   Crude     Fibre






   5040     mg/kg




   59900     mg/kg




   721     mg/kg




   9720     mg/kg




Available Sizes : (Click on size for further detail)



It Works !





Following are stories & testimonials from riders who have used NAF OPTIMUM Balancer.


International Eventer – Bettina Hoy



“Following all the travelling and the change of stables from Germany to the UK I felt my young horse, Designer, had lost a bit of condition and that his appetite wasn’t as good as usual.”                                                                                                               “After feeding him OPTIMUM he now looks fabulous, in fact, after doing so brilliantly on OPTIMUM, I now feed it to all my horses to ensure I keep their gut healthy and their condition nothing short of five star!!”





Dressage Rider – Zoe Sleigh



“Satin Rouge, my Five Year Old Shearwater champion is prone to losing condition when away from home”

“After her success at The Hartpury Festival of Dressage, with the atmosphere and the busy time she had, she definitely ‘dropped off ‘,  We started to feed her OPTIMUM and it has worked wonders – she has put on super condition and looks a picture. We’re absolutely delighted”





Top Showing Producers - Claire and Robert Oliver




“We have been feeding OPTIMUM and have had super results. Fabulous condition, great topline – the horses look fantastic! Furthermore we now have the confidence that OPTIMUM supplies all the nutrition the horses need so we now feed less and we save money!



Feeding OPTIMUM couldn’t be easier, it’s so palatable some of the horses take the pellets straight from the hand – OPTIMUM is a truly five star product and we highly recommend it.





Keen Horsewoman - Natalie Povey




OPTIMUM  is by far the best balancer I have ever fed. It suits my horse Foxy perfectly, complementing his current high fibre feed and adlib haylage.



Foxy can be very fussy – but he says OPTIMUM is very tasty! I am much happier too as I know he is getting everything he needs in his diet to optimize his health.



Overall I have noticed a clear difference to his digestive health and he has improved his condition overall. As his gut is now more settled, he is a much happier settled horse. I would recommend OPTIMUM highly to anyone.”

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Glucosamine 10,000 Plus with MSM

Specially developed formula for the everyday maintenance of healthy joints.

Product Detail

Glucosamine 10,000 Plus with MSM


Feeding Guidelines


Add to feed daily to maintain healthy joints


Loading Dose Horses & Ponies : 30g (2 scoops) per day


Maintenance Dose Horses & Ponies : 15g (1 scoop) per day Note : Maintenance levels may be adjusted to suit the individual and are not weight related.



Key Ingredients


Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCI - 10,950mg MSM - 2,160 mg




Crude Protein 10.4%, Crude Oils & Fats 0.2%, Crude Ash 10.1%, Crude Fibre <0.1%, Sodium 400mg/kg


Available Sizes -

click on size for more detail




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