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Blue Chip Liquid Garliq is a liquid form of garlic which is commonly fed to horses and ponies for its well-known medicinal properties, including being a natural fly repellent, powerful anti-oxidant and respiratory supplement; however it is widely only available as a powder or granule.


Blue Chip Garliq is absorbed into the bloodstream faster and more efficiently than powders and granules, providing effective respiratory relief by aiding the clearance of mucus from the airways and relieving the symptoms of coughs.

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The Benefits of Feeding Blue Chip Garliq


Faster and better absorption:

as a liquid, Garliq is absorbed into the horse’s bloodstream and transported around the body faster and more efficiently than a powdered or granulated form of garlic, ensuring that your horse gets the maximum benefit.
Flies and insects:

the sweat produced by horses fed Garliq has an odour that keeps flies and biting insects away.


Garliq is packed full of free-radical neutralising antioxidants.

Garliq helps to maintain healthy airways and supports lung integrity.

Studies have shown that garlic can repel parasites.  Garliq should not replace the use of regular anti-parasitic products. Garlic has been fed for centuries to aid the bodies own natural anti-inflammatory process.  Feeding Garliq may help to support the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response.


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