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A complementary feedingstuff for horses.
Legal Category: A complementary feedingstuff.
Package: 1.5kg, 3kg & 10kg tubs
3kg fed at 60g/day will last 50 days.
Instructions: Horses over 16.2hh 2-3 measures per day (60-90g) horses 14.3hh-16.2hh 2 measures per day (60g) Ponies 13hh-14.2hh 1 1/2-2 measures per day (45-60g) Ponies under 13hh 1-1 1/2 measures per day (30-45g).
Storage: Store in a dry place. Replace lid after use.
Contents: Protein 20.5% Ash 19.9% Fibre 5% Oil 13.2% Moisture 9.6% VITAMINS: Vit A 136000iu Vit D 45000iu Vit E 3378iu Pantothenic acid 399 mg/kg Niacin 298 mg/kg Vit B1 155 mg/kg Vit B2 132 mg/kg Vit B6 114 mg/kg Folic Acid 78 mg/kg Biotin 14.5 mg/kg Vit B12 2 mg/kg TRACE ELEMENTS: Zinc 2.7 g/kg Copper 856 mg/kg Manganese 841 mg/kg Sodium 25 mg/kg Cobalt 22 mg/kg Iodine 15 mg/kg Selenium 1.9 mg/kg MINERALS: Salt 64 g/kg Calcium 50 g/kg Phosphorus 26 g/kg Magnesium 0.77 g/kg.
Ingredients: Wheat feed, limestone flour, salt, molasses, soya oil, cod liver oil, yeast, di-calcium phosphate, copper sulphate, zinc chloride, vitamin and mineral pre-mix.
Key Ingredients: n/a
Further Information:
All horses can benefit from vitamin and mineral supplementation regardless of workload. Modern pastures lack the variety found in the horses' natural environment. Without a wide choice of herbs, grasses and legumes some of the essential nutrients for health and vitality may be missing. in addition vitamins and minerals are frequently lost in the processing and storage of modern preserved forage and concentrated feed. Also remember that some soils suffer from micronutrient deficiences which are passed on to the grazing. Therefore all horses can benefit from vitamin and mineral supplementation regardless of workload.
Oilovite provides an economical supply of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids; needed in every physiological pathway including bone and tissue growth and repair. Oilovite provides all the essential amino acids which the horse can not synthesise himself and that are required for protein absorption and hence muscle health. Oilovite contains a blend of soya oil and cod liver oil to naturally support condition and shine. Oils are also traditinally used for joints. Molasses ensures that NAF Oilovite is palatable even to fussy feeders.

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Weight: 3kgkg
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