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Following are genuine reports and stories from riders who have tried NAF Magic.



Diamond Jubilee

Says Bobby Hayler “Diamond Jubilee (Monty) can be ‘sharp’ and I fully expected him to become tense and ‘blow’ in the atmosphere of the Winter Championships arena. However he remained calm, focused and rideable. I know without NAF Magic he just wouldn’t have managed that, I was so pleased. NAF Magic will now be an important part of his daily diet, I believe it will really help him cope with his competition nerves and the stresses that come with everyday work and training.”



Nikki Watson: “I have competed in RC teams for several years in ODE and Show jumping but I have never had a horse qualify in a RC team for the dressage championships until this year. Murphy is 9 years old and is being ridden by Kate McDonald for the Vale Of Usk RC team. He is easily spooked and can suffer ‘stage fright’ at any new venue! However, along with NAF ‘Magic’ and Kate’s expertise, he has gone from strength to strength. He won his section in the Area Qualifier Team Competition, and was 7th at Hartpury in his section at the RC team dressage championships!”


Just Juno


“Prior to feeding Magic to Just Juno, everything we did was a drama. When we went out it was a very stressful experience – we’d have difficulties loading and travelling, he wouldn’t stand still or behave when we got to the show, and when we got home he wouldn’t eat. We thought it was just bad manners but then somebody suggested feeding a magnesium supplement.I was very sceptical but thought why not give it a go!!! We fed NAF Magic and the transformation was incredible!

The pony completely changed – what we thought was bad manners was just anxiety and stress. He went from being a bolshy, bad mannered pony to being a total joy to be with and take out.

I really can’t believe a feed supplement would make such a difference NAF Magic really does what is says on the tin!!!”




Buster, a 15.3hh IDxTB owned by Penny Grant.

Buster is an anxious horse and has difficulty remaining calm in situations he finds stressful, for example, being shod, waiting at road junctions and visits from the vet. He is also deeply suspicious of people he does not know.

Says Penny, “Since I have fed NAF Magic, I have had considerable success with helping him cope with the things he finds difficult. Buster is certainly the better for it as he appears calmer all round.”




Arnie, a 6 year old Thoroughbred gelding owned by Hannah Ashton.

Following his time spent on a racing yard, Arnie struggled to settle in his stable during the winter months. Box walking and poor appetite led to rapid weight loss. In addition to his behaviour in the stable, Arnie was spooky and tense when out hacking.

After three weeks of feeding NAF Magic, Hannah noticed a great improvement in her horse. He settled in his stable, lay down at night and gained significant weight. Arnie is now less spooky when out and surprised Hannah when he behaved so much better than expected at his first competition.

Say Hannah “I am really impressed with NAF Magic and will keep him on it indefinitely”


Shabana Excellaya


A seven year old Anglo Arab mare owned by Vanessa Robertson.

Says Vanessa “I have had Shabana Excellaya since she was a foal and she is fed  NAF Magic every day.

I am confident NAF Magic makes a difference to her nerves from day to day. ”



Sunne in Silver, a purebred Arab mare owned by Anne.

Sunne in Silver never worked to her full potential due to tension and anxiety, so Anne decided to start feeding NAF Magic.

Says Anne, “NAFMagic has such a good effect on my mare that Kit Rolfe, her trainer/rider, has achieved really good scores. She has now qualified for Premium status with the Arab Horse Society – one of very few to do so. Without NAF Magic, I doubt Sunne would have done it. She comes home from every competition with a rosette, despite being up against over 20 huge Warmbloods and TBs in each class.”


Wally Bean

Lizzy Donaldson & Mountedge Comemulberry

(Wally Bean), Kings Leaze Riding Club “Wally Bean has NAF Magic as he is quite highly strung.  I find that NAF Magic takes the edge off him and helps him to focus at competitions especially in dressage – I think it helps me relax too knowing he has had his NAF Magic!”


DCI Valkenswaard

DCI Valkenswarrd is ridden by National Dressage Rider Matt Frost.

Says Matt, “‘Ken’ is a young horse with incredible ability and a wonderful nature. He’s extremely powerful, athletic, and tries too hard to please. This sometimes leads to him becoming anxious and nervous and unable to give his best.

Since feeding him NAF Magic I’ve found he stays more relaxed, both mentally and physically, which has really helped in his daily training and at competitions.”



Tis Not Otto ridden by Scott Perry

Before: Scott decided to give NAF Magic a try after Tis not Otto started cantering during the walk and trot sections of the test during a selection day, due to over excitement.

After: Says Scott, “Tis Not Otto was so much calmer, he won the Riding Club Nationals!”


Bailina ridden by Jackie Stevens

“NAF Magic has made my mare so much more consistent in all disciplines and has improved her attitude at shows. I also use NAF Superflex to keep her joints supple and flexible, which has improved her all round performance. I cannot recommend both NAF Magic and NAF Superflex to other riders enough”



Crimewave a middleweight Show Hunter owned and ridden by Jane Harper

Crimewave is a bit of a worrier and can be difficult to keep weight on.

Says Jane, “Since using NAF Magic I have noticed a huge difference in Crimewave’s temperament and overall condition “We have had a fantastic season competing Side Saddle and claimed the Champion Show Hunter at the National Side Saddle Show this year”.

I believe  NAF Magic helped us with our achievements and I will be recommending it to all my horsey friends.”


Obos Annabella

Steph Kedward: “I ride for Cropthorne and Evesham Vale Riding Club. I began using NAF Magic as my mare was rather tricky to ride on the flat and lacked concentration, which is key when riding a dressage test. By using NAF Magic it has allowed me to gain her concentration back, allowing her work on the flat to improve. The results from competitions are enough to prove that this product really works. I would highly recommend NAF Magic!”



Dubonnet (Bonnie) a 15.2hh, 15 year old Chestnut mare ridden by Claudia Graham

Dubonnet loves life, and especially competing, but the excitement of it all can get a bit much sometimes.

Says Claudia, “NAF Magic has really helped Dubonnet use her energy in a more positive way so that we can both get as much enjoyment from competing as possible. We are now achieving much higher marks in dressage while still maintaining her joie de vive!”



Danni, a 16.2hh Dutch Warmblood mare owned by Anna Loader.

Danni was a very nervous and tense horse who misbehaved in her ridden work by napping, rearing and bucking, as well as rearing when being asked to load or to stand for the farrier.

After success with feeding NAF General Purpose Supplement, Anna decided to introduce NAF Magic to see if this would have an impact on Danni’s behaviour. After feeding NAF Magic for a month, Danni had a different approach to her work, she was much more laid back and was not so argumentative to everything she was being asked to do.

Says Anna “Danni is now happy and healthy. I believe that the picture speaks for itself, and I will continue to use both NAF Magic and NAF General Purpose Supplement. I would happily recommend any of the NAF products that I have used.”



Patchpiece Tango

Before: My mare has huge potential, her family is successful on the track, and she is getting placed regularly, but she is burning herself up with nerves – this makes me feel like she is missing out on a win.  Although she is never nasty most days are a “hold tight” day, and I worry what would happen if something unexpected happened.

After: “NAF Magic has transformed Tango. I can now feel confident to rider her out myself every day, rather than having to get a professional to ride her. She’s also really settled in her races, and we’re sure she’ll be winning soon!”



Norman, a 20 year old 16hh thoroughbred gelding owned by Kate Jackson.

Kate recently lost her older horse, leaving Norman on his own. Having originally come from a racing yard and always having the company of other horses, Norman became agitated and spooky. He became particularly difficult to catch in the field.

NAF Magic was suggested to help calm Norman. Says Kate “I was originally sceptical about whether NAF Magic would work but shortly after starting to feed it to Norman, he became much more his normal self again. I was pleasantly surprised by the difference, and would recommend NAF Magic to others.”



Crewezando (Zando), a 15.1hh TB gelding owned by Kellie Watkins

Kellie bought Zando as a three year old. He cost next to nothing, and looked like a typical young, unwanted ex-racer. He was underweight, had no sparkle in his eye and his coat was dull. Kellie started feeding him NAF Pink Powder.

Says Kellie, ‘within a couple of months he really started to bloom. He put on weight, and his character started to come out.

Unfortunately, he had an accident in his paddock and broke his hock in 2 places. He was hospitalised for 3 weeks, followed by box rest. When I got the all clear to start walking him in hand, I fed NAF Magic to take the edge off after so long in his box. He was a real gentleman and when I finally got back on him I gave him a shot of NAF Instant Magic, and he was an absolute angel.

He’s now turned into a really nice little horse, he moves well and certainly looked very well when he came to my wedding last summer!



Hannah Jolliff & Pentillie (Tilly), East Cornwall Riding Club

“Since Tilly has been having NAF Magic in her daily diet she’s so much more relaxed, we’re getting better dressage marks and we’ve moved up to a bigger height in Eventing. I definitely recommend NAF Magic.  Thank you.”



Woodstock II known as Woody, a seven-year-old Dutch-bred gelding by Optimist, owned by Claire Rollitt.

Woody won the Petplan Equine Preliminary Area Festival Championship on 70.91% at the NAF Five Star Winter Dressage Championships at Hartpury, Gloucestershire. These championships showcase some of the best competitive dressage in the UK. Says Claire “We are so proud and thrilled with him, he has lots of natural talent and character, and he loved the prize giving as he is a big show off.

Before using NAF Magic, he was a bit of a handful bringing in from the field and with general handling, he would also sweat up when travelling. Since feeding NAF Magic, he is more chilled but still has his natural presence, he now travels well and generally looks a calmer happier horse.”


Electra V11

Anna Barradell & Electra V11, Rearsby Lodge Riding Club

“Elektra V11 is 24 now but she doesn’t act like it!  Since using NAF Magic she is very chilled about everything and able to put her energy into her work instead of worrying.  At the Championships she settled so quickly, behaved impeccably and gave it her all – I firmly believe I have NAF to thank for this!”



Silver Dawn (Frisky) a 16 year old, 16.3hh Arab Irish Draught cross owned by Pat Styles.

Two and a half years ago Pat retired and took Frisky on loan. He was unmanageable; he barged through gates, his stable door and anyone who got in his way. It took 4 people to hold him whilst having front shoes fitted they couldn’t attempt the back.

Pat, as an experienced horsewoman was not afraid to take on a challenge, and what a challenge he was! She changed his routine, and introduced NAF Magic in his feed.

Says Pat “Within 6 months he was a different horse, no longer anxious or trying to take out stable doors, field gates or any person that stood in his way.

In the early days if we were clipping or shoeing, I used a syringe of NAF Instant Magic but over time just the addition of NAF Magic to his feed was enough.

I have now been given ownership of Frisky as his previous owner has never seen him so happy and contented. I have a happy and calm horse, for just one scoop a day it’s well worth it!”



Zoe Sleigh, British Dressage Rider

“I’ve found NAFMagic really useful for my young horses who need help to concentrate on their work and focus on their daily training.  Its been particularly helpful when taking them out to new places, where they get a bit wide eyed and anxious and I need them to be calm and to listen.”



Willow, a 7 year old 15.2hh Cob x TB loaned by Sara Angel.

“Willow would shy and look at everything, including the leaves in the wind, even a new item in our driveway still terrified her when walking past it for over a week!”
Willow is rising 7 but has not done a lot under saddle, mostly due to her erratic behaviour. She gets ‘jelly legs’ and has some extremely impressive bucking! Sara decided to start feeding NAF Magic.

Says Sara “I would just like to say a big thank you for helping Willow with the stresses of everyday life. Since she has been on NAF Magic, she is much happier, not shying so much and her entire body is much softer, you could see the tension before.”



Theo owned and ridden by Toni Arlett-Johnson

Theo is very excitable which often affected his performance at competitions, making it very hard for him to concentrate.

Says Toni, “After giving him NAF Magic he is less excitable and stressed at competitions.”



Oscar, a 3 year old owned by Cathryn McCarroll

Oscar had been brought in from the field and although very well behaved and affectionate when anyone was with him, when Cathryn left him on his own or someone brought a horse passed he got very upset and anxious, dashing around the stable and rearing.

Cathryn was in no doubt that Oscar was going to injure himself as he could almost get his legs over the top of his door. Cathryn decided to start feeding NAF Magic.

Says Cathryn “I swiftly bought a tub of NAF Magic and hey presto my youngster is a very happy boy. It really makes a big difference to him. It is definitely the NAF Magic as I ran out and it took me a while to get more and he was back to his old antics!!”



“In May 2011 I took ‘Zando’ to his first dressage competition.  As he is an ex-racehorse, I naturally thought he’d be a bit ‘flighty’ but thanks to the NAF Magic he coped so well at the show, he finished 3rd and 4th, and we’ve not looked back since! He’s been in the ribbons every time out! I tried him at a couple of shows without any NAF Magic, and although he wasn’t silly, or fresh, I did notice he was more edgy and impatient in the lorry and my marks dropped a bit as he wasn’t really relaxing enough to take the bridle forward properly. Back on the NAF Magic and back up into the 70%+ marks!

We were recently crowned Open Champions and Re-trained Racehorse Champions in an unaffiliated dressage series, and since registering him with BD, he’s already gained 1 of his 2 qualifications for the Summer Regionals, in just three outings!  Amazing considering what he’s been through already, and he’s still only 6! ”



Eric, a 17 year old thoroughbred gelding owned by Heather Telford.

Heather has owned Eric for the past five years. Eric finds it very difficult when he is stabled in the winter, due to the weather conditions. He weaves and box walks for a while until he finally settles into his winter routine.

Heather decided to feed NAF Magic to try and alleviate the issue. Says Heather, “I first tried NAFMagic a few years ago, and it has definitely improved his behaviour, he is much more settled now and we have even entered a dressage test!”



Francie B, a 7 year old Hanoverian mare owned by Margaret.

Francie had time off as a youngster due to injury and her daughters University commitments. When starting to compete they took her to a competition, but didn’t get to compete as she panicked when taken to look at the arena and spun round to demolish plants and pots. Following this incident they went to the warm up but it was too late. Margaret’s daughter’s nerves were shattered and they felt it was enough for them to get her into the warm up. Margaret won a pot of NAF Magic in a BD magazine competition and decided to try it on Francie.

After just two weeks of schooling at competition centre’s, feeding NAF Magic daily along with a syringe of NAF Instant Magic an hour before the competition, Francie did not spook during the competition, or at the Judge’s box, where others did. She came 2nd and 3rd in a Novice Open class. Francie has a lot more to give in the future!



Ellie ridden by Alison Parkinson

Ellie was probably best described as a ‘moody mare’ before Alison began feeding her NAF Magic. Although always sweet natured, Ellie would wind herself up at competitions with the result that she often found it just too exciting by the end of the cross country phase, and on a low 20s dressage and clear SJ, would then inexplicably duck out of the second to last or last fence. A friend of Alison’s recommended NAF Magic.

Says Alison, “Since I have been using NAF Magic, the difference is extraordinary. In just three weeks Ellie was utterly reliable, much calmer and even travelled better. Now both horse AND rider can enjoy the competitions!”



Percy, a half Arab x Welsh gelding owned by David and Michelle Frow.

Percy had been with the family for four years, having been bought for their older daughter. He could be quite a handful and a little erratic. David wanted to keep him for their younger daughter, Ella, but was a little concerned about his behaviour, so decided to start feeding NAF Magic.

Says David, “Magic really seemed to help and at only seven years old, Ella was able to compete Percy at the British Riding Clubs area novice show jumping competition – qualifying for the championships at Lincoln. An amazing achievement for a seven-year-old who has a great time on Percy now we feed NAF Magic, which just takes that edge off him, without affecting his performance.”


Ebony Star

Hannah Worgan & Ebony Star, Cricklands Riding Club

“NAF Magic is brilliant! It works very effectively on my pony – it doesn’t affect his performance but makes him focus. I strongly recommend NAF Magic! Many thanks.”



Justy a 6 year old Thoroughbred owned by Sue Harvey

Sue sold a horse; the purchaser also wanted to buy Justy but couldn’t afford both. Sue agreed to let them take Justy and pay monthly, however over a year later no payments had been made, so she collected her.

Says Sue “I don’t know what happened in her new home, but when Justy came back she started bucking. We considered sending her to market, as I had given up riding, but before she went away, she didn’t have a bad bone in her body, so we decided to keep her.

I had no rider so had to re-school her myself. I took it very slowly and back to the beginning again. In my opinion they took her too far too fast and it stressed her out. She still had a buck in her and was very tight, her muscles were hard to touch and she was always tense. I had her back checked, which was fine, and she had massages, but within 48 hours she was always back to being tight again. NAF suggested that I fed NAF Magic.


I could see a huge difference in just 4 or 5 days of feeding NAF Magic, now when she moves so do her muscles, she is not as tense and you can really see her muscles relax.

She is still a very sensitive pony that needs a lot of reassurance and praise, but needs a kind but firm hand as well. She is bomb proof in every way, can been ridden with a tractor and hedge cutter the other side of the hedge, doesn’t mind shooting, and you could even wrap her up and cover her in a tarpaulin!

Thank you to NAF MAGIC!”



Ruby, owned by Pat Layton.

Says Pat, “Ruby was sold to me as ‘vicious’ and she certainly was! She would take every opportunity to bite and I have the scars to prove it. I tried various supplements with no improvement.

NAF Magic was the one product that improved her temper. I used to change to NAF Oestress in the spring but this year Ruby has stayed ‘nice’ and I have kept her on NAF Magic.


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