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What is Haylage Balancer?

Haylage balancer is an advanced nutritional support formula developed especially to help restore the balance of your horse's haylage-rich  winter diet.

Key, active ingredients of haylage balancer include:


    • Antacids - together with a unique digestive clay, help to neutralise and absorb excess acids and slow the passage of food through the gut to reduce loose droppings and therefore increase nutrient uptake.  This will help support the system against gastric imbalance, which may be seen as ulcers, poor condition and irritable, unpleasant behaviour particularly around feed time.


    • Live probiotic yeast - to encourage efficient digestion and maximise absorption to help eliminate irritable gut and maintain optimum condition.


    • Unique herbal complex - carefully selected herbs, including ginger, liquorice and mint to help balance, soothe and settle the gut.


    • Vitamins and minerals - to nutritionally support a high-fibre, forage-based winter diet: a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals helps to ensure good general health and vitality.


Haylage balancer contains all the nutritional support your horse needs to maintain a healthy, happy gut capable of digesting his haylage intake to keep him comfortable and settled right through the winter months.


Money Back Guarantee

If Haylage Balancer does not save you time and money, please let NAF know, return your proof of purchase and they will fully refund your money.

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