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Ageing is a natural process. Horses and ponies are now living even longer, and with the help of good veterinary care, appropriate feeding, management, farriery and dentistry, the 'senior' horse can maintain a good quality of life well into its 30’s. Our Veteran herbal supplement will help sustain and support the older horse's digestion, liver and kidney function, respiration, joints, ligaments, tendons, circulation, and heart, in fact all physiological systems in the older animal.

Contains: Milk Thistle seed, Celery seed, Meadowsweet herb, Ginkgo leaf, Nettle leaf, Chamomile flowers, Rosemary herb and Burdock root.

Burdock (Arctium lappa) Dandelion and burdock wine has always been a firm favourite with the country folk. Using these two readily-available plants makes sense. Burdock is known to herbalists as the ‘power digger' of the herb world and is one of the best herbs for cleansing and detoxing the body. Dandelion roots are rich in vitamins and are excellent for helping support both liver and kidney function. Put these two herbs together and you not only have an inexpensive tasty drink, but also a great all-round tonic.


At 3 x 50ml scoops per day, a kilo should last approx 21 days, costing approx 80p per day

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