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This is a mix that really has stood the test of time, and is still one of our biggest selling herbal supplements for horses. All those horse owners can't be wrong!

This was the very first mix Hilary our Medical Herbalist formulated, for her husbands horse whose mobility was affected by the growth of a bone spur in the hock. Since then Hilary has tweaked the formulation a couple of times to further improve the actions! This tried and tested formula will help your horse or pony maintain supple joints, muscles and optimum mobility whatever their age and might be more appropriate in some cases than our Veteran formula.

Contains: Devils Claw root – The Herbal Bute (not phenylbutazone), Hawthorn flowering tops, Meadowsweet herb, Milk Thistle seed, Nettle leaf, Cleaver herb, Celery seed, Dandelion root

This is the very first formulation our herbalist, Hilary Self, ever made.

At the time the mobility of her husband's horse Ryan was deteriorating and their vet had suggested using the NSAID Phenylbutazone. As the horse was relatively young, Hilary and Tony were very reluctant to use the medication because of its possible long-term side effects. Luckily Hilary was able to use her knowledge of herbs to formulate a mix that he could safely be given every day. She selected a variety of herbs all known for their ability to support and maintain circulation, joints, and muscles, thus ensuring optimum mobility.

One of the herbs included in Multiflex is Devils Claw (Harpagophytum procumbens), a plant found predominantly in the Kalahari desert of East Africa, and in more recent times this plant has come to be known as the ‘herbal bute'.

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